Colin Kroll dead – Vine founder and HQ Trivia boss died of ‘cocaine and heroin overdose' death aged 34 as devastated dad pay tribute

Colin Kroll dead – Vine founder and HQ Trivia boss died of ‘cocaine and heroin overdose' death aged 34 as devastated dad pay tribute

The HQ Trivia and Vine founder died at 34 early Sunday morning by cops after his girlfriend raised the alarm after she struggled to get in touch with him.

Police sources told the New York Post that cops accompanied the unnamed girlfriend to his apartment on Spring Street in Manhattan apartment, where his body was discovered in his bedroom just after midnight yesterday.

Cocaine, heroin and cannabis were found nearby, and he was declared dead at the scene, the source said, as cops also said an envelope containing white power was also recovered.

Kroll's father, Alan, told the New York Times: "He had so much talent and had accomplished so much at such a young age. It truly is a waste."

He continued: "At 34, imagine the things he’d done and the skills he had. It would have been really fun to watch him at 50.”

Mr Kroll told the paper that his son had recently stopped drinking and did not have a drug problem, although he was aware that his son took drugs recreationally.

In a statement on his death, HQ Trivia said: "We learned today of the passing of our friend and founder, Colin Kroll, and it's with deep sadness that we say goodbye.

"Our thoughts go out to his family, friends and loved ones during this incredibly difficult time."

Rus Yusupov, who co-founded HQ Trivia with Kroll, paid tribute to him on Twitter saying: "I will forever remember him for his kind soul and big heart.

"He made the world and internet a better place. Rest in peace, brother."

Kroll created Vine, a video-sharing application for smartphones that was launched in 2012 and sold to Twitter in October of that year, but he stepped down from his position as general manager in 2014.

He was named CEO of HQ Trivia in September this year after he was fired from Twitter over allegations lodged against him by female colleagues.

He was described as: "Abrasive and disinterested, and said he could be verbally abusive."

Vine was discontinued in 2016 as users moved to other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat.

Female employees had claimed his behaviour made them uncomfortable, however, no sexual harassment claims were ever filed.

Earlier this year Kroll apologized for saying things in the workplace “that made some people feel unappreciated or uncomfortable".

As well as Twitter, he was also facing a complaint filed with by an HQ employee for his "aggressive management style."

Kroll designed HQ Trivia with Rus Yusupov and released it last year.

The app allows players to participate for free in games where they can win money outright or split prize money.

Nik Sharma, of flavoured water company Hint, paid tribute to Kroll on Twitter.

He wrote: "I hope people look past the headline and remember how much joy and community he brought to so many millions of people, not to mention how many careers were built off of Vine and lives were changed for the better."

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