City drinkers enjoy takeaway pints at Leadenhall Market

City drinkers enjoy takeaway pints at Leadenhall Market

Take it away, gents! Drinkers enjoy takeaway pints as pubs offer cut-price deals ahead of second locked-down weekend in England

  • Groups of socially-distanced drinkers were picking up pints at Borough and Leadenhall Market in London
  • Second lockdown rules let pubs sell alcohol to customers as long as they are ordered beforehand
  • Originally the government had banned pubs and bars from selling at all but relented after industry protests 

Drinkers enjoyed bargain takeaway pints this afternoon as pubs have begun offering cut-price deals ahead of the second weekend in lockdown in England.

Suited-up workers in London were clocked buying drinks in The City’s famous Leadenhall Market, which has suffered under coronavirus restrictions, while other sipped on beverages in Borough Market. 

Groups of socially-distanced drinkers were seen picking up their pints at one of the areas bars to enjoy outside in the fresh air. 

Two men enjoy takeaway drinks at Leadenhall Market in the City of London today in the second national lockdown

Alcohol is permitted to be sold from pubs as long as they are ordered online or by phone and app beforehand 

People are not allowed inside pubs and restaurants under the restrictions in place during the country’s second lockdown

A drinker handles what looked to be a pint of Guinness and lager after ordering beforehand at the City pub

People enjoy take away drinks at Borough Market in London today despite England being in a four-week shutdown

A waitress serves a man and a woman wearing face coverings outside a bar in Borough Market this afternoon

A man sits eating a bag of crisps after buying a pint from a bar in London’s Borough Market today

A group of workmen gathered to drink pints from takeaway cups in London’s Borough Market today

What are the rules for ordering takeaway alcohol during lockdown 2.0? 

The Government U-turned on its restrictions surrounding the sale of alcohol when it introduced the second lockdown on Thursday, allowing drinks to be sold if they are pre-ordered.

When the second countrywide lockdown was announced last Saturday, topline guidance from the Government said while takeaway food would still be permitted, alcohol takeaways were set to be outlawed.

But it reversed course on Tuesday, saying alcohol takeaways would be allowed but must be ordered in advance, online or by phone or post, before being collected.

Customers cannot enter a pub, bar or restaurant to collect alcohol.

They are also not allowed to drink their takeouts near to the venue or in a seated outdoor area on the premises 

Under the regulations of the second lockdown, pubs are allowed to sell alcohol to customers as long as they are ordered by phone, app or website. 

Many pubs have been offering bargain prices ahead of the second weekend of lockdown, where all but essential travel is banned.

Some London outlets were offering pints for £3 – a snip in the expensive capital – and litres of beer for £5. 

Further away in the country deals were even better, with lager pints at £2 and draft ale a bargain at £1 a glass. 

Many pubs and bars have taken to social media to promote their new takeaway services, offering deals on beer and other alcoholic drinks.

Pubs had to get crafty during Tier 2 lockdown – which prohibited people meeting indoors – by putting up tents and marques for outdoor drinkers, however they have now had to adapt yet again.

It comes after Britons flouted regulations in their hundreds of thousands in London last Saturday and Sunday.

One market was packed with visitors helping themselves to takeaway beer on the first weekend of new coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

Londoners flocked to Broadway Market for drinks and food this afternoon, despite the new guidance to stay at home as much as possible.

People were pictured queuing up for pints outside street food restaurants and packing the streets, with many not wearing face masks.

Takeaway alcohol were originally going to be banned under the new lockdown restrictions but a Government U-turn allowed pubs, bars and hospitality venues to serve them.

It comes after the UK confirmed a total of 1,213,363 people so far had tested positive for Covid tests, with a tally of 49,238 killed with the virus on their death certificates.

Nik Antona, chairman of the The Campaign for Real Ale, had praised the government for listening to businesses but called for more to be done. 

Many pubs and bars have taken to social media to promote their new takeaway services, offering deals on beer and other alcoholic drinks

Londoners queued at a street food restaurant for takeaway pints and food in a crowded Broadway Market this weekend on the first weekend of new coronavirus lockdown restrictions

Police were seen walking past the busy Olympic Studios Cafe and Bar in Barnes, London, this weekend as revellers enjoyed drinks outside the pub

People without face masks packed the streets in a crowded Broadway Market over the weekend, as the second national lockdown continued

He said: ‘I am delighted that the Government has listened to the concerns of thousands of Camra members, concerned pub-goers, and beer lovers who have emailed their MPs in the last 48 hours urging the Government to allow pubs and breweries to sell alcohol as takeaway during the second lockdown. 

‘This is a vital lifeline for local pubs and breweries across England over the coming four weeks.

‘It gives them a lifeline of income and allowing people to support local businesses.

 ‘Camra continues to call on the Government to bring in a comprehensive, long-term financial support package to support all pubs and breweries through the lockdown and the tough months that will follow this winter.

‘Without a sector-specific support package, we risk seeing thousands of pubs and breweries closing their doors for good.’

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