China may be to blames for UFO's: Nasa chief says

China may be to blames for UFO's: Nasa chief says

China may be to blames for UFO’s: Nasa chief says unidentified flying objects are real and may be ‘unfriendly’ advanced technology 

  • Nasa experts have warned that UFOs may be advanced technology from China 
  • But some also believe they could genuinely be evidence for life on other planets 

UFOs may be ‘unfriendly’ advanced technology, according to Nasa experts.

Unidentified Flying Objects have been in popular culture since at least the 1950s.

While many believe they could be the result of alien life, some experts believe there may be other explanations and could be aircraft from hostile nations.

Dr Thomas Zurbuchen, Nasa’s longest-serving associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate, said he remains convinced there is something out there after reading to numerous reports and speaking to witnesses, The Telegraph reported.

Although, he said it is important to question whether Chinese spy balloons might be to blame.

Dr Thomas Zurbuchen is Nasa’s longest-serving associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate 

It comes after a US fighter pilot shot one down in February as it crossed the Atlantic.

He said: ‘The whole balloon phenomenon we cannot ignore because if we ignore what we see then we will suddenly get surprised.’

The UFO expert recently left Nasa for ETH Zurich in his home country of Switzerland.

Before leaving, he examined evidence of UFO sightings thoroughly such as a 1952 photograph of a sighting over Passaic, New Jersey.

Dr Zurbuchen added: ‘Not only did I talk to pilots, I talked to individuals who had sightings and they were really convinced. I really felt they told me the subjective truth. They were not lying, they were not making things up. I think they were telling me what they saw.

‘The fact that there are unexplained phenomena is not a question for me. What they are and what they mean, and how we prove they exist is something that needs more work.

‘There could be multiple explanations. If we are looking at technology then it may not be friendly and that is something we should know. It could be technology from other places on Earth and that would be pretty scary.

‘It could be a natural phenomenon like luminescent clouds, or something we’ve never seen before, and that would be pretty interesting, or it could be some kind of camera problem that occurs.’

There are some experts out there who believe UFOs may genuinely be evidence of alien life

Government officials believe that surveillance operations by foreign powers and weather balloons or other airborne clutter explain most recent incidents of unidentified aerial phenomenon 

Prof Greg Eghigian of Penn State University believes that trends and events could have influenced UFO sightings.

He said: ‘Like most things in history, the answer lies more likely in a confluence of events and trends.

‘The discovery of thousands of exoplanets by astronomers since the 1990s has made life on other planets appear more likely than previously thought and the development of drones has contributed to spikes in UFO sightings.

‘The development of new sensors and sophisticated spying technologies has made it possible for militaries to detect anomalies more precisely; it has also made concerns about bad actors surveilling military operations more pressing.

‘And speculation about UFOs has always thrived in environments where questions are being raised about the trustworthiness of authorities and experts.’

However, there are still people who believe that UFOs really are evidence of alien life but that space agencies and governments chose to ignore it or are keeping it under wraps.

Dr Rudolph Schild, an astrophysicist with the Centre for Astrophysics at the Harvard-Smithsonian, said: ‘In the mid-1960s, after becoming an astrophysicist with the Harvard-Smithosonian, I began to hear rumours that the bodies of extraterrestrials and the wreckage from their craft, were under study in a special facility in Building 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

‘It was rumoured that a senior colleague with a joint appointment with the physics department at Harvard, had examined the wreckage and seen the bodies. When I questioned him, he became upset and didn’t want to talk about it.

‘The hearings before the US Congress merely affirmed what many of us had known, or at least strongly suspected for decades. The military has acquired extraterrestrial bodies from the wreckage of UFOs.

‘It stands to reason that if UAPs and extraterrestrials have crashed on Earth, then it is equally likely they have crashed to the surface of other planets, and that their remains and wreckage can be found on Mars.’

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