Chilling pics shows Babes in the Wood killer Russell Bishop joining search for schoolgirls he brutally murdered

Chilling pics shows Babes in the Wood killer Russell Bishop joining search for schoolgirls he brutally murdered

The 52-year-old was pictured smoking a cigarette after the horrific killings and then handing out leaflets three years later as the search continued.

Bishop, who was today described as a "monster", strangled nine-year-olds Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway in Brighton in 1986.

He was cleared of the double murder in 1987 but was today convicted of killing them thanks to a DNA breakthrough.

A collection of black and white images emerged today and one shows a dead-eyed Bishop sitting in a field smoking as people search for their bodies.

He showed no emotion as he held a cigarette in his left hand after he sexually assaulted and strangled the pair in Wild Park.

Bishop also appeared to be “grief stricken” when officers told him the pair were dead following a police hunt.

In 1989, he was also seen handing out leaflets asking the people of Brighton for information in relation to the murders.

Meanwhile, a chilling recording of Karen mum's Michelle phoning 999 to report her daughter as missing was released by police.

She said she had been "walking around for hours and nearly collapsed" after trying to find her daughter.

Families of both girls today wept at the Old Bailey when the verdicts were delivered – with a devastating statement released by both families branding Bishop a "monster".

The sicko was also slammed for leaving the family in the dark for 32 years over who had murdered the two girls as they called him "evil personified".

Karen was discovered lying across Nicola with her head in her friend's lap and their hands close together following the murder.

Bishop, who was then aged 20, later told a neighbour the vision of them lying across each other was a sight he would never forget.

He knew the girls’ families and sickeningly tried to cast doubt on Nicola's dad Barrie Fellows – claiming he had watched his daughter being filmed while she was sexually abused.

The dad, who had played cricket with Bishop, was forced to deny any involvement and left court weeping after being cross-examined.

Karen’s mum Michelle today said the families “finally have justice”.

She said: "Time stood still for us in 1986. To us the beautiful girls will always be nine-year-olds. They will never grow up.

“We’ve been deprived of a happy life to watch them grow into adults.

“What people like Bishop inflict on the families of their victims is a living death. They take the lives of children but they also take the lives of the families left behind.

“Kas and Nicky, as they were affectionately known, were friends playing out together only to have their lives wiped out by a sexual deviant, a monster.

“What’s been hard, horrendous and heart breaking is to hear that they were murdered by a disgusting paedophile, who we actually knew and the two girls liked and trusted. He abused that trust (heart-wrenching).


“Bishop doesn’t deserve to breathe the same clean air as we do. After all, he decided that day to strangle the life out of our two angels, leaving them no air to breathe.

“What makes a man want to squeeze the life out of two innocent children with his bare hands? Unbelievable when he had a child himself and another on the way.

“He’s a coward, without a conscience. I don’t believe you can rehabilitate evil.

“I think Bishop was just born that way. People talk to me of forgiveness but I can never forgive or forget what the evil monster did to my beautiful Kaz and Nicky.

“I’m trying so hard to get my head around this but I will because I’m a fighter and I’ll never stop being strong for my family.”


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