Census 2021 UK deadline: When does it have to be completed by and can you fill it out early?

Census 2021 UK deadline: When does it have to be completed by and can you fill it out early?

THE Government have released its latest census in order to determine how many people are living in England and the needs of the population.

The census is a questionnaire about your household, covering topics such as who you live with, the type of property you live in and your employment status.

What is census day 2021?

The census takes place every 10 years in the UK, including this year in Wales, England and Northern Ireland.

People have a set date by which they need to complete the relatively short questionnaire.

In 2021, the date is this coming Sunday March 21, 2021.

The census takes into account whole households, and it is compulsory to complete it.

If you haven't heard from the ONS by March 21, you can contact them via census.gov.uk to ask for your unique code.

Can you fill out the census early?

Anyone who can't complete the census on March 21 should ensure they do so "as soon as possible after".

Although this is the allotted date, people can complete their census forms earlier than this if they know their circumstances won't change.

Some people will find they have already received a letter in the post which guides them to an online form.

Once they have the letter, they can complete the questionnaire at their leisure.

Those who choose to complete the form earlier may find their circumstances change before March 21.

In this case, they should contact census runners with the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

What happens if you don't complete the census UK?

According to Census.co.uk, anyone who doesn't complete the form will have a census officer get in touch with them.

They will help make adjustments for the participant to complete their document.

Further failure to comply is a crime which results in a potential court case.

Should court proceedings go ahead, people risk paying £1,000 and any associated court costs.

These fines are usually a last resort though, and likely wouldn't be enforced until several months after this deadline.

Just four people received the maximum £1,000 fine during the last census in 2011.

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