Candace Owens calls Black Lives Matter a 'Democrat scam from the beginning' that 'secretly funneled money to Joe Biden'

Candace Owens calls Black Lives Matter a 'Democrat scam from the beginning' that 'secretly funneled money to Joe Biden'

CANDACE Owens claimed Black Lives Matter was a "Democrat scam" from the beginning to secretly funneling money to Joe Biden.

The conservative pundit took to Twitter to decry the election results and claim the grassroots organization BLM was part of a larger Democratic plot on Wednesday.

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Owen's comments came after Biden beat Donald Trump in the presidential battle with 290 electoral votes to 214, per the Associated Press.

"Where did all of the billions that Black Lives Matter raise go?" Owens demanded.

"I STILL believe it went to Joe Biden’s campaign. I believe BLM has been a Democrat scam from its inception.

"They use the faces of dead black men to inspire people emotionally to give to the DNC, every election."

"This would explain why we only ever hear about BLM during election cycles," she continued in another tweet. "The money (billions) does not go to black neighborhoods, black companies, or black children.

"It’s a vortex. And nobody has been made to answer questions regarding where the money ends up."

Claims that BLM fundraising went directly to a Democratic super pac were debunked over the summer.

The Statesman reported that the group uses ActBlue’s fundraising platform to take donations but the non-profit tech organization isn't pocketing the money.

The software company said it passes funds directly to the 501(c)(3) charities or 501(c)(4) nonprofits that asked for them, much like the fundraising platform the WinRed for Republican causes launched in 2019.

ActBlue and WinRed have “non-contribution accounts," according to the Federal Election Commission.

These are separate bank accounts that “will not be used to make contributions, whether direct, in-kind or via coordinated communications, or coordinated expenditures, to federal candidates or committees."

Owens had tweeted similar accusations back on June 10, claiming BLM donations "go directly to a superpac called 'ACT BLUE' that has given hundreds of millions to Democrats running for President."

But Open Secrets responded to her tweet, explaining that ActBlue is a fundraising platform used by Democrats & progressives. 

"Like WinRed on the right, many candidates use it to process donations but that money isn't pooled to be shared across candidates or groups," the non partisan group tweeted.

"A donation to BLM through ActBlue goes just to BLM, not any other group."

Owen's latest claims emerged as Trump doubled down on his "phony" election claims and plans rallies.

He also launched multiple lawsuits in battleground states to contest the voting results and is refusing to attend Biden's inauguration.

The President Elect has described Trump's refusal to concede as an "embarrassment," which is not helping "his legacy."

On Monday, Attorney General William Barr announced that he was launching a probe into "voting irregularities" in "specific instances" though there is no evidence of widespread fraud.

Trump supporters and Proud Boys are now planning a "Million MAGA March"in support of his baseless allegations of election rigging in Washington DC.

Numerous groups and accounts promoting the event – scheduled for Saturday, November 14 – have appeared on Facebook, Twitter and conservative favored social network Parler in the last 72 hours.

DC's Metropolitan Police Department confirmed to The Sun that it is aware of the plan and is continuing to "monitor, assess and plan accordingly."

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