Camelot RECALLED lottery Pharaoh scratchcards months before users refused £200k jackpots

Camelot RECALLED lottery Pharaoh scratchcards months before users refused £200k jackpots

Two people have now come forward claiming Camelot "cheated" them out of winning the top prize on a £3 Pharaoh's Fortune ticket.

Now it's emerged lotto bosses recalled the scratchcards in February and only let shops start flogging them again two months later.

One shopkeeper told Sun Online: "In February there was an issue with the scratchcards and Camelot emailed the retailers saying to remove them straight away.

"When you get a potentially winning ticket, you scan it into the terminal and then manually type in the last four digits so if it gets printed wrong, the machine wouldn't recognise it.

"At the time, the cards were scanning but not acknowledging whether or not it was a winner.

"It just seems to be strange and too much of a coincidence that the tickets had to be recalled and these are the ones people are complaining about."

Camelot are understood to have emailed retailers after receiving complaints from users over the scratchcards.

They also issued a statement at the time confirming the tickets had been pulled from shelves and asked people who believed they had one to post their scratchcards.

It read: "A small number of players have contacted us regarding an issue with the Pharaoh's Fortune £3 scratchcard, which we are looking into.

"We have removed this game from sale, which means that no winning scratchcards for this game can be claimed in-store.

"We're sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused."

It comes after Sun Online spoke to a second winner, who claims she scooped the jackpot but was told it wasn't a winning ticket by Camelot.

Gran Angela Mason, 57, believed she was "cheated" out of her jackpot after being told her grid code was an E5 – not the F5 she scratched.

And dad-of-four Eric Walker was also denied a £200k payout on his card – after being accused of "doctoring" the letter F to look like an E.

The 56-year-old is fighting to prove his innocence as he claims he won the jackpot on a £3 Pharoah's Fortune card three weeks ago but lottery organisers Camelot refused to pay up.

He today was forced to admit he was previously jailed for handling stolen goods.

The shopkeeper said: "There were off the shelves for a few months in the end but the email may not have trickled down to some stores – meaning the problem batch would have been on sale still.

"It was pretty sharpish the way they did it. They sent the email saying remove them from shelves now and even sent someone from Camelot to enforce it.

"I'm not sure whether people are doctoring them or not but it's weird it's the same scratchcard for all of them that had to be removed from sale as there was an issue with it."

Camelot confirmed the scratchcard had been removed from a "small percentage" of shops because some players were told their tickets were not winners.

A spokesperson said: "Although some Scratchcards appeared to have won a prize, some players were advised that they had not won when attempting to claim their prizes in-store – this was down to an issue in our back-end system and only affected low-tier prizes of up to £20.

"To be clear, no higher-tier prize payments were affected. We took immediate action to notify our retailers of the issue and stop further sales of this Scratchcard at the time.

"The system error was rectified shortly afterwards and, following a rigorous testing and approval process, the Scratchcard was put back on sale in early April 2018 – so it has been on sale for more than eight months with no subsequent issues."

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