California parents livid over kids being forced to wear masks

California parents livid over kids being forced to wear masks

Californians ‘fed up’ with COVID restrictions: ‘Enough is enough’

San Diego mother Melissa O’Connor confronted her county’s board of supervisors about how their mandates are negatively impacting the community.

San Diego parents blasted county officials Tuesday morning over continued coronavirus restrictions even though Gov. Gavin Newsom lifted most statewide orders in mid-June and as California now has one of the nation’s lowest new infection rates.

One local mom, Melissa O’Connor, tore into the board of supervisors with a toddler in her arms and her other children standing beside her at the podium.

“I’m here to speak not only on behalf of myself, but my four kids, ages 16, 8, 4 and 1,” she said, as the toddler in her left arm briefly stole the mic, prompting laughter and cheers from the gathering. “I do not consent to the following: lockdowns or arbitrary closures of schools businesses or places of worship; mask mandates, especially for children; COVID vaccine passports; or the continued state of emergency solely to receive taxpayer funding unethically, as we are no longer in a state of emergency.”

Parents have been at odds with state and local government officials as well as the teachers union for months over school reopening plans and other coronavirus restrictions.

“Just months ago I could walk through Target sipping a Starbucks coffee, but the independent coffee shop owner around the corner who supports four children was told not only to close but threatened with fines if they stayed open – in San Diego County, America’s finest city,” O’Connor continued.

The county website currently lists restrictions only on “mega events,” or gatherings of 5,000 or more people indoors and 10,000 outdoors. But the county also still requires coronavirus masks – even for fully vaccinated people – on all public transit, in schools and other youth facilities, at health care centers, in the county jail and at homeless shelters, emergency shelters and cooling shelters.

Unvaccinated people are still required to wear masks in all public indoor settings, including restaurants, stores and theaters.

The continued school mandate in particular has irked residents, especially since they contradict more lenient guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And under state rules, students who refuse to obey will be blocked from school grounds.

“Adults are supposed to sacrifice to protect kids, we don’t force kids to do things to protect adults,” County Supervisor Jim Desmond, who opposes the mandates, told Fox News Tuesday evening. “The science shows children haven’t been affected by COVID-19. It is truly appalling what the State of California is doing to our kids.”

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