Bronx mom holds down would-be car thief until cops arrive, video shows

Bronx mom holds down would-be car thief until cops arrive, video shows

A Bronx mom unleashed street justice on a would-be car thief, yanking him out of her ride and sitting on him until the cops arrived, according to a video and reports.

Tihisha Jones, 49, was taking her kids to school Tuesday morning when she walked out of her Brook Avenue apartment to find a man already behind the wheel of her Honda Pilot, trying to get it started, according to ABC 7.

“I had to take matters into my own hands because I work, I saved to get that car myself,” Jones told the network. “I’m a single parent, I saved to get that.”

Jones threw open the front passenger door, only to have suspect Bernadino Santiago, 19, slam it shut on her, the report said.

She ran around to the driver’s side, opened that door and pulled the teen out onto the street.

Despite being more than twice the teen’s age, having congestive heart failure, and using a walker to get around, Jones easily overpowered Santiago, holding him down — at one point sitting on him — until the police showed up.

High above the action, Jones’s neighbor, Katie Mack, captured the action on her cellphone.

“Dude tries to steal her car this morning,” wrote Mack, a filmmaker, in posting the video on Twitter. “She pulled him out the track and proceeded to beat his ass … #welcometothebronx”

Santiago was “highly intoxicated” and tried to convince cops that he thought he was getting into an Uber, according to CBS 2 – New York.

But cops didn’t buy it, and arrested him on charges that included attempted grand larceny auto, reports said.

Jones said she was simply fed up after her car, which she calls Black Beauty, had been vandalized twice in the past two weeks.

“I just had enough. It’s time to fight back,” she told CBS. “I don’t think it’s fair for people to work hard for your things for people to take your things away.”

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