Brits reveal their least favourite life guidance in new study

Brits reveal their least favourite life guidance in new study

Why ‘just stop worrying’ really is the worst advice: Brits reveal their least favourite life guidance in new study

  • Two fifths of Brits said ‘just stop worrying’ is the worst advice they had gotten  
  • More than a quarter of Brits lost money due to receiving bad financial advice

Good advice can sometimes be hard to find but terrible advice is available in abundance, research has found.

Adults in Britain have been offered on average eight pieces of poor guidance in their life – with 42 per cent saying the worst is: ‘Just stop worrying.’

Some 30 per cent of 2,000 of those polled put ‘revenge is sweet’ as the next worst counselling ahead of 29 per cent being told ‘marry for security, not love’ and 23 per cent hearing ‘always speak your mind’.

Other unhelpful suggestions that made the top ten included ‘fight fire with fire’, ‘forgive and forget’ and ‘money can’t buy happiness’.

Some 37 per cent fell out with someone over their tips, 29 per cent admitted losing money by taking heed of financial ideas while 21 per cent found themselves ending up in debt.

More than a third (37 per cent) of 2,000 people surveyed said they had fallen out with someone who gave them bad advice (Stock Photo)

Work colleagues and best friends were blamed for giving the most pointless opinions.

Riaan de Bruyn, from investment app &me which commissioned the survey, said: ‘It is crucial to distinguish between the noise of non-experts and the clarity of seasoned professionals for truly informed decisions to be made.

‘Seeking guidance from those who have dedicated their lives to mastering a field provides us with the invaluable insights, experience, and knowledge that non-experts simply cannot offer and can be the difference between success and failure.’

Despite this, 95 per cent claimed they gave great guidance with a further 24 per cent considering themselves the unofficial ‘village elder’ of their friendship group.

The age of 48 was lauded to be when people are most wise.

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