British holidaymaker, 24, falls to his death from 65ft cliff in Ibiza

British holidaymaker, 24, falls to his death from 65ft cliff in Ibiza

British holidaymaker, 24, falls to his death from 65ft cliff in Ibiza

  • Briton said to been on cliffs in Ibiza with a friend in town of Cap Martinet, Ibiza 
  • Alarm was raised around 8pm Thursday after he plunged 65ft into the ocean 
  • Two hotel workers went in to try and save him, but had to be rescued themselves
  • Coastguard found the Briton’s body and investigation is now underway

A British holidaymaker has died after plunging 65 feet from a cliff in Ibiza.

The 24-year-old’s body was found in the ocean by coastguards following Thursday evening’s tragedy in the upmarket destination of Cap Martinet near Ibiza Town.

The alarm was sounded around 8pm.

Well-placed sources said a witness had told police the unnamed tourist was with another man and both appeared to be ‘inebriated’ although there has not yet been any official confirmation of the claims.

A 24-year-old Briton has died after falling from 65ft cliffs in the town of Cap Martinet, on the Spanish party island of Ibiza, around 8pm on Thursday (file image)

A spokesman for the Civil Guard confirmed: ‘We are investigating the death of a British holidaymaker aged 24 in an incident which occurred on Thursday at cliffs in the Cap Martinet area.

‘The investigation is at an early stage and it will take more time to get a clearer picture of what exactly happened.’

The force spokesman added: ‘Firefighters, local police, Civil Guard and coastguards were mobilised after the alarm was raised.

‘The dead man’s body was recovered by a coastguard vessel.’

The same coastguards reportedly rescued two other men from the water who are said to have tried to rescue the British holidaymaker after he ended up in the sea.

They were described locally as staff at the five-star Destino Pacha Ibiza Hotel near to where the tourist is believed to have been staying.

A coastguard helicopter called the Helimer 221 participated in the operation.

Cap Martinet, just two miles away from Ibiza town centre, is home to the island’s VIP crowd and international deluxe guests.

Its high-end luxury villas offer stunning sea views of the Mediterranean Sea and even further away to the neighbouring island of Formentera.

The hotel the holidaymaker is said to have been staying at, which offers exclusive wellness treatments and open-air yoga classes, is in a privileged position on the secluded cliff top of Cap Martinet.

Last month a 55-year-old British tourist died after slipping and plunging nearly 400ft off a cliff while visiting a lighthouse on the paradise island of Formentera.

The London-based holidaymaker fell to his death when he lost his footing around midday on September 13 while visiting La Mola lighthouse, which Jules Verne wrote about in his novel Hector Servadec.

Local reports said he was with his partner and a group of friends when the tragedy occurred.

A Civil Guard spokesman confirmed at the time the death was being treated as a tragic accident and there was nothing to suggest it was the result of a crime.

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