British Airways stewardesses win uniform row after accusing bosses of age discrimination

British Airways stewardesses win uniform row after accusing bosses of age discrimination

STEWARDESSES won a fight with British Airways to wear a toggle – thanks to The Sun.

Menopausal crew had accused bosses of age discrimination after the clasp around the scarf was banned from the uniform.

Women moaned that having to wear the scarf as a cravat inside their shirt, combined with the mandatory face mask, brought on hot flushes during long flights.

Union officials blasted BA following the uniform change, with some women feeling so strongly they were prepared to strike or declare themselves men to avoid the cravat.

BA had ordered staff about the toggle: “Please note from November 1 these will no longer form part of the uniform, and should be replaced with a cravat.”

But after The Sun stepped in, sheepish airline bosses backed down.

And the crew received an updated message which said the “preferred standard” was wearing the cravat inside the shirt.

Bosses assured angry staff: “As always, we understand that some colleagues may need to alter their uniform for personal health reasons and can still do so.

“If you require a toggle, you’ll be able to order one.”

BA had wanted the uniform change introduced as it merges its three crew fleets into one.


The rule was brought in by temporary crew boss Tom Stevens, who replaced Amy James after she was granted a period of leave following her controversial role in axing swathes of airline staff due to coronavirus cutbacks.

In his last role at BA, Mr Stevens stopped ground staff wearing the toggle.

A source said: “Union reps were very unhappy and asked BA to change the toggle rule, suggesting it's sex discrimination for women of a certain age. ‘Toggle-gate’ sparked a riot among ageing women crew.

“BA has always welcomed senior stewardesses on flights, but this felt like they were being targeted.

“Menopausal crew said they have to wear the scarf with the toggle because they get hot flushes when wearing it like a cravat, especially alongside the face mask. They would down tools if necessary.

“Thank you to The Sun for this toggle victory.”

A BA insider said bosses always listen to staff for feedback.

An airline spokesman said: "We understand that some cabin crew colleagues may still wish to wear the toggle as part of their uniform and can still do so."

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