Brian Laundrie was ‘very possessive’ over ‘sweetheart’ Gabby Petito and travel blogger ‘settled’ for him

Brian Laundrie was ‘very possessive’ over ‘sweetheart’ Gabby Petito and travel blogger ‘settled’ for him

BRIAN Laundrie was "very possessive" over "sweetheart" Gabby Petito and the travel blogger "settled for him," a former co-worker has claimed.

Michael Livingston, who claims he worked with Laundrie in a New York garden centre, said he was "very possessive" over Gabby but alleges the "yoga nut" was good at "making people like him."

Livingston, 31, described Laundrie as a "chameleon" who always had his hands clean despite their work with plants and dirt.

He claimed he got to know Gabby as she would come to visit Laundrie a few times a week.

"Gabby, she was always a sweetheart, very peaceful," he said.

"She was always really nice to me, and she was really outgoing.

I think the only reason why she settled for him is he wanted to travel.

"Once I realize that the person who was missing was somebody I actually knew, it hit me like a tidal wave," Livingston continued.

"I think the only reason why she settled for him is he wanted to travel."

He added that Laundrie would reportedly attempt to mark his territory with Gabby.

"He would come over and do the boyfriend thing, put his arm around her, give her a kiss, very possessive," Livingston claimed.


"He never came across as the kind of person that would be the killing type," he told Fox News at a memorial for Gabby in Patchogue, New York, on Sunday.

"But he did have that tendency to be — I don’t wanna say the wrong thing and make him sound worse than he already is — he was kind of a guy who would get p—ed off pretty quick."

The memorial was the first fundraising event for the newly established Gabby Petito Foundation.

While he is a landscaper, Laundrie worked as a sales assistant and helped out with other odd jobs.

Laundrie would also make money on the side by selling drawings, he claimed.

"I remember from back then he was a big yoga nut, always telling me, ‘I gotta worry about my zen,’" Livingston said.

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"And I thought he was this weirdo."

"He was a good employee who knew how to talk to people," he added.

"He knew how to make people like him, he knew how to make people happy, and he knew how to make people buy the product that we had, honest. He had the same kind of air you would be taught if you worked at a dealership."

Laundrie was last seen on September 13 when his parents claimed he went for a hike in Florida's Carlton Reserve.

It was only two days after Gabby was officially reported missing by her family in New York.

When they first filed the report, Gabby's family say they were not aware that Laundrie was back in Florida and only learned that he and Gabby's van had returned home without her that day.

Roberta and Chris Laundrie say that they picked up their son's car when he didn't return two days later.

Yet they did not report him missing until September 17.

Gabby's remains were found in Wyoming two days later and a coroner revealed last week that she had been strangled to death.


It follows new details surrounding Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito's last days have emerged, particularly around the couple's mysterious stay in New York before setting off on a cross-country road trip that ended in their deaths.

According to North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison, Laundrie and Gabby changed their address and moved to New York days before their fateful cross-country road trip.

Speaking to members of the South County Tiger Bay Club, Garrison revealed Laundrie and Gabby put "a lot of stuff into storage" and moved to New York in June before hitting the road the following month.

“What a lot of people don’t know, in June, Gabby and Brian moved out of their location and put a lot of stuff into storage, and they changed their address and moved to New York and from there, they left for their cross-country adventure,” Garrison said.

It's reported that the young couple left Blue Point, New York, for their road trip on July 2 and spent the next few days touring national parks in Colorado and Utah.

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