Brian Laundrie sleuths convinced he’s still ALIVE after he ‘secretly log onto emails and updated his Pinterest account’

Brian Laundrie sleuths convinced he’s still ALIVE after he ‘secretly log onto emails and updated his Pinterest account’

ONLINE sleuths appear convinced that Brian Laundrie is alive after claiming that he logged onto his emails and updated his Pinterest account.

Online detectives have suggested a series of wild theories as they try to help FBI agents and police find the missing fugitive.  

Internet sleuths claim that Laundrie may have logged onto his emails while on the run.

One “online detective” known as Ian Scott tweeted: “When I first discovered Brian Laundrie’s email account, I posted that there was activity using it on September 18. Now the latest update is showing activity for October 15.”

The sleuth speculated that either Laundrie is “active”, his account has been hacked, or the “Feds are checking”.

And, another internet sleuth, known only as Kryreth the Kayak Bounty Hunter, claimed to have discovered a mobile phone and what appears to be a Gmail account linked to the email as recovery options.

There’s no evidence to support claims that Laundrie has been active on his emails.

Blogger Shaynah Dodge alleged Laundrie is following more people on what’s believed to be his Pinterest page, 7News reports.

She said: “Three weeks ago I posted in my stories about Brian’s Pinterest account.

“In my screengrab from three weeks ago, he followed 145 people. Tonight I was scrolling some of his pins on his account and I noticed this. He now follows 146 people. That’s weird, right?

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“Like of course his follow count went up as people have flocked to his pages but how did who he follows go up within the past three weeks.”

There’s no evidence to suggest that Laundrie has been updating his social media profiles. The Pinterest account may have been hacked.

It is not the only theory that has been touted by sleuths during the manhunt for Gabby Petito’s fiancé.

Internet detectives claimed that Laundrie may be hiding under his parents' flowerbeds after "drone footage appeared to show suspicious movements".


The video appears to show a woman, who sleuths claim to be Laundrie’s mom, gardening.

Social media sleuths also wildly alleged that they could see a “hand” emerge from underneath the flower bed. There's no evidence to support this claim.

One said: "That really looks like a hand in the flowerbed."

Other social media users were skeptical as they suggested the woman was pulling out a weed from the flowerbed.

Online sleuths bizarrely claimed they noticed a white-colored square pit in the garden, fueling allegations that Laundrie may be hiding in an underground bunker. There's no evidence to support the allegations.

Amateur detectives were left wondering what was inside Laundrie’s “storage locker” that he allegedly flew home to clean out during his cross-country road trip with his fiancée Gabby Petito.

Steve Bertolino, the Laundrie family lawyer, said the 23-year-old left Salt Lake City, Utah on August 17 as he headed to Tampa.

The attorney said Laundrie returned to Utah on August 23 – the day before Gabby and her fiancé checked out of a hotel.

Bertolino confirmed that the locker was emptied as Gabby and Laundrie were seeking to “extend their trip”.

He said: “To my knowledge, Brian and Gabby paid for the flights as they were sharing expenses.

"Brian flew home to obtain some items and empty and close the storage unit to save money as they contemplated extending the road trip.”

One online detective tweeted: “So, what was in the locker.”


A Reddit detective posted: “Dying to know what the hell was so important in that storage locker.”

Amateur sleuths previously claimed that they had proof Laundrie was still online as they alleged he was still updating a number of social media platforms.

They claimed he created a Spotify playlist titled "Selfconsomption" shortly after Gabby vanished.

They also alleged that its name was changed to 'Nomadic Statik' – which is the name of the travel YouTube channel which Brian and Gabby created.

The search to find Laundrie has entered its fifth week and cops continue to scour the Carlton Reserve in Florida.

He allegedly told his parents last month that he was going for a hike in the snake-infested reserve.

But, private investigator Jason Jensen thinks Laundrie may be hiding out somewhere on the Appalachian Trail and believes the winter will “flush” him out.

He told NewsNationNow: “I would really start in Northern Georgia and work my way up to South Carolina. That’s where I’d concentrate my efforts.

“You’re going to have a milder winter there. I do know that I would expect that my cabin would be broken into if I had one in that area because he’s going to try and take shelter there or steal provisions.”

Former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer thinks it’s “certainly plausible” that Laundrie may be hiding out on the Appalachian Trail.

Laundrie celebrated Gabby's 22nd birthday on the Appalachian Trail earlier this year and one of the vlogger's pals Rose Davis said the fugitive had previously lived on the hiking route for "months".

Survivalists think cops should’ve found “evidence” by now if Laundrie is hiding in the Carlton Reserve.

And former US Marshal Lenny DePaul believes the fugitive is "sleeping with one eye open" as he fears law enforcement's next move.

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