Brexit LIVE: Latest news as Bercow BLOCKS Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal vote

Brexit LIVE: Latest news as Bercow BLOCKS Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal vote

REMAINER John Bercow has blocked a request from Boris Johnson to hold a vote on his Brexit deal.

The PM wanted a vote after a Remainer plot ruined his plans on Saturday and forced him to seek a Brexit extension from the EU.

But Mr Bercow opposed it, arguing the deal had already been brought before the Commons and it would be "repetitive and disorderly" to debate it again.

This comes after Sir Oliver Letwin torpedoed Mr Johnson’s hopes of getting the agreement approved by MPs by successfully tabling an amendment.

A vote on the Letwin amendment took place on Saturday, but a vote on Boris Johnson's deal itself didn't happen after Tory MPs stormed out of the chamber.

No10 warned they would pull the vote if he allows more wrecking amendments like at the weekend.

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    Boris Johnson's Brexit bill will be published around 6pm tonight.

    This is significant as we never got the opportunity to Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement Bill, the BBC reports.

  • Sir Oliver Letwin looks quietly pleased with himself as he listens to Brexit Secretary Steve Baker answers questions in the Chamber

    Despite tabling an amendment that delayed a vote on Boris Johnson Brexit deal – Sir Oliver does intend to back the agreement in the Commons tomorrow.

    He told the BBC: “I'm absolutely behind the government now as long as they continue with this bill, continue with the deal, I will support it, I will vote for it as I did for Theresa May three times because I think that's the right thing for this country – to get out in an orderly fashion.”


    Boris Johnson faces a fresh headache in his efforts to pass the Brexit deal in time for the October 31st deadline, The Sun’s Political Editor Tom Newton Dunn reveals.

    Tom says: “The Constitutional Reform and Governance Act (2010) requires any treaty be laid before the House for 21 days before it can be ratified. The Brexit deal is such as treaty 1.

    The Govt accept this, so I learn there is a clause in the WAB that specifically dis-applies it from the Brexit deal.

    “So 21 days will be shrunk to less than 1 day. The bill will be published tonight, and ratification will begin with 2nd reading tomorrow afternoon 2.

    “The Commons are unlikely to block the bill on this point, but I'm told the Govt is a little more worried about how the Lords will take it, who are “bound to kick up rough” about it, according to one Tory peer, being sticklers for these kind of things 3.”


    Jeremy Corbyn demands a statement from Boris Johnson on the publication of his Brexit deal's legislation and his extension letter to the EU.

    Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay answers on the PM's behalf and says the bill will be published by the first reading tomorrow.

    He also adds that the Labour boss is delaying the bill's publication by asking the question.

    Mr Corbyn says: “I do admire the secretary of state for keeping a straight face while he gave that answer.

    “The PM has not deigned to grace us with his presence today but I'm reassured that despite his pledge he's not be found anywhere in a ditch.”


    Boris Johnson is “disappointed” by today's decision and has accused John Bercow of blocking the “will of the British people” with his ruling.

    A No10 spokesman said: “We are disappointed that the Speaker has yet again denied us a chance to deliver on the will of British people.

    “We will go ahead with the introducing of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill today. The public want Brexit done.”

    Mr Corbyn was referring to the PM's statement that he would rather be “dead in a ditch” than go cap in hand to Brussels for an extension.

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