Boy, 3, needed both legs amputated after tiny scratch when he fell off his bike led to horror infection

Boy, 3, needed both legs amputated after tiny scratch when he fell off his bike led to horror infection

A LITTLE boy had to have both his legs and part of his hand amputated after a tiny scratch left with a horrifying bacterial infection.

Beauden Baumkirchner, 3, scraped his knee when he fell off his bike – but a harmless scab become a devastating illness within 48 hours.

His parents Juliana and Brian Baumkirchnerm from Arizona, initially thought nothing of the wound as the family was on a camping trip in San Diego, California in October.

They put antibacterial spray on the cut and gave him a band-aid before sending him out to play again.

The toddler however then had to be rushed to the emergency room when he rapidly developed a fever and his injured knee swelled up.

Doctors said the boy had picked up an MRSA staph infection which spread throughout his whole body before sepsis then set in, reports CBS 21.

His arms, legs and hands all then began swelling up as the bacteria started to attack his extremities.

Staph infections are caused when bacteria enters the body through a wound and start releasing toxins.

Sepsis can be a consequence as the body's attempts to fight off the infection means it begins to attack its own tissue and organs.

Brian described the ordeal as "every parent's worst nightmare" as he could do nothing to help Beauden.

The boy's body started to shut down and doctors were left with no choice but to amputate his legs.

He has also lost two fingers off his left hand, and faces losing part of his thumb while the rest of digits remain "curled and stiff".

Beauden first started to fell unwell just hours after the scrape as he said "my tummy hurts, is it bedtime?" at around 6pm/

The next morning he woke up with a fever and he started favouring his right leg, where he had picked up the scratch.

He became increasingly lethargic the next day and his parents rushed him to Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego.

Brian said: "[It] started spreading up his legs, arms, down to his hands."

Beauden's right leg had turned people and his limbs were swelling as toxic shock syndrome set in.

"We're still so numb, just heartbreaking,” said Brian.

He added: “He’s just this innocent little boy. Don’t take any days for granted, that’s for sure.”

Juliana's cousin David Christensen has now set up a GoFundMe to help support them as the family's lives have been turned upside down.

So far they have raised $126,000 from their target goal of $150,000 – and David said "God is definitely hearing out prayers".

He wrote: "This beautiful family has been literally crushed by these events.

"Aside from having most of the facets of a young boys life stripped from their hands, they are faced with an uphill battle with insurance, recovery, ancillary care, and the likelihood of counseling for them all… they are also incurring the basic life costs of local room and board for mom, dad and Beauden’s two older sisters."

"The family is of the state of mind that family matters are to remain private.

"But, as a human being that has lived a good spell in this world, I know their new path through life is about to get extremely complicated, frustrating and exceedingly emotional."

He added: "This beautiful baby is having to handle more than anyone can even imagine, and yet he still has a smile on his face."

Beauden, who loves fire engines, has even received a message of support from firefighters from the Palm Beach Gardens Fire and Rescue.

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