Boris Johnson WILL send letter to EU asking for third delay if there's not a deal by Saturday

Boris Johnson WILL send letter to EU asking for third delay if there's not a deal by Saturday

BORIS Johnson will send a letter to Brussels asking for a third Brexit delay if there's not a deal in place by Saturday, the Brexit Secretary said today.

Stephen Barclay promised that the Government would comply with documents given to a Scottish court that the PM would write to EU bosses to request an extension to Article 50.

That will only have to happen if the PM doesn't get an agreement by the end of the day on Saturday.

Mr Barclay told MPs this morning: "I can confirm, as the prime minister has repeatedly set out, that firstly the government will comply with the law and secondly will comply with the undertakings given to the court in respect of the law."

But he again insisted today that Britain would still leave the EU on October 31.

It's not clear how he would do that if the EU offered Britain a delay, as he would likely be forced to accept it.

Both sides are in frantic talks today to try and thrash out a deal before the end of the day so it can be discussed at the EU council tomorrow.

The discussions are said to be hitting the buffers amid concerns that the DUP aren't on board with the plans – which would stop it from going through Parliament.

Meanwhile, fears are growing that Boris Johnson could try and find a way around the Benn Act if Parliament does have an emergency sitting on Saturday.

As talks are ongoing the PM could send the letter but make clear privately he does not want an extension.

It was speculated the PM could even send two letters – one saying he wanted an extension and one saying he did not.

But Mr Barclay said: "I am not aware of any such plan."

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