Bizarre moment naked man 'breaks into mansion and swims in pool before killing family's pet parakeets'

Bizarre moment naked man 'breaks into mansion and swims in pool before killing family's pet parakeets'

A CRAZED naked man broke into a Bel Air mansion and confronted the homeowner before swimming in his pool, trying on his clothes and killing his family's pet parakeets, police say.

Paul Kiyan, 34, was arrested at gunpoint on Thursday afternoon shortly after he broke into the home of Mat Sabz by using a garage key that he'd stolen from an unlocked car sitting in the driveay.

Bizarre surveillance footage showed a nude Kiyan nonchalantly strolling into the residence and making his way up the stairs.

Sabz was home alone at the time. He received a panicked call from his wife who said she had just seen a naked man breaking into their home via a security camera feed on her phone.

The startled homeowner confronts Kiyan from the top of the staircase, raising his voice as he pointed at the intruder and asked: "Hey what are you doing?"

But Sabz's presence did little to deter the burglar.

Instead of leaving, Sabz said Kiyan looked at him and said: "'This is my house, what are you doing here?'"

Recounting the incident to FOX11, Sabz continued: "Before I could say a word he said 'I'm going to call the police'. And right away I realized that this is not a person that you want to engage with any further."

Unsure what to do, Sabz retreated to his bedroom and locked the door. He then jumped off a second-floor balcony barefoot onto his car and called 911.

Meanwhile, surveillance footage captured Kiyan making himself at home inside the Sabz family residence.

The intruder first took a naked dip in the swimming pool before roaming the ground floor in a pair of Sabz shorts.

He then sat in a chair before looking at possession dotted around the room.

It was at this moment that he spotted the Sabz's two pet parakeets in a cage by the kitchen.

"First he smiled at them like a serial killer," Sabz said.

"He put his hands near them, dropped them, and stomped on them. The other bird knew what was going on. You can hear the bird screaming and he did the same thing with the second bird.

He added: "And that kind of changed everything when we saw that he killed these two defenseless animals."

Neighborhood security arrived shortly afterward and arrested Kiyan, who was later discovered to be homeless.

The 34-year-old has been charged with burglary and animal cruelty charges.

Reflecting on the horrifying encounter, Sabz says he feels as though his family "dogged a bullet" as his wife had left the property only moments earlier with their young children.

"“It doesn’t matter where you live, it doesn't matter if you don’t see transients, they could get in, and they got in,” he warned.

"Who knows what this man could have done to my family if they were home."

Sabz said his family is so traumatized by what happened that for the time being they're staying elsewhere.

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