Biden names agency review teams that will begin transition process

Biden names agency review teams that will begin transition process

President-elect Joe Biden’s transition announced members of agency review teams that will begin the process of transferring power across the federal government – even as the Trump administration has put up roadblocks and challenged election results.

“Our nation is grappling with a pandemic, an economic crisis, urgent calls for racial justice, and the existential threat of climate change. We must be prepared for a seamless transfer of knowledge to the incoming administration to protect our interests at home and abroad,” Sen. Ted Kaufman, the co-chair of the Biden-Harris Transition, said in a statement released Tuesday.

He said the teams will play a critical role in protecting national security, addressing the coronavirus pandemic and “demonstrating that America remains the beacon of democracy for the world.”

Members of the teams – many of whom have extensive experience in government – will meet with former agency officials and experts who follow those agencies, as well with officials from labor groups, think tanks, trade associations and other non-governmental organizations, the statement said.

The head of the General Services Administration Emily Murphy has yet to authorize the release of funds, office space and access to federal government agencies that are intended to ease the transition process.

At the same time, the Trump re-election campaign has filed a flurry of lawsuits in swing states Biden won to challenge the counting of ballots.

“There’s no question that whichever route we travel here, we are going to be moving very quickly and very decisively toward a full transition that enables President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris to assume office fully ready,” Biden campaign legal adviser Bob Bauer told Fox News.

Biden, who delivered his victory speech on Saturday after Pennsylvania put him over the top of the needed 270 Electoral College votes, said efforts to hinder the transition process will not deter his incoming administration.

“We’re well underway and the ability for the administration in any way by failure to recognize our win does not change the dynamic at all and what we’re able to do,” Biden said on Tuesday.

The president-elect on Monday unveiled members of his coronavirus task force.

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