Biden deploys creepy whisper AGAIN to tout cash handouts to families in $973billion infrastructure plan

Biden deploys creepy whisper AGAIN to tout cash handouts to families in $973billion infrastructure plan

JOE Biden went for the whisper again while giving a speech about his $973billion infrastructure plan to an audience in Wisconsin.

The president has been deploying a "whisper for emphasis" strategy when speaking publicly in recent weeks, a move that critics have branded "creepy."

Biden was discussing his infrastructure plan in front of a small crowd at a transit center in Wisconsin on Tuesday when he began whispering about giving tax breaks to "ordinary people."

He spoke about the need for "generational investment" and touted the expanded Child Tax Credit, which will allow eligible families to claim $3,600 for each child under six and $3,000 for each child aged six to 17.

He then dropped his voice to a whisper and leaned over the microphone.

"Hey guys, I think it's time to give ordinary people a tax break," he whispered. "The wealthy are doing fine."

Despite the flack Biden has gotten online for his past whispers, the audiencein Wisconsin met the statement with applause.

Biden has used the whisper for emphasis technique several times in recent weeks, including in a joint address to Congress and in a question and answer session with reporters last week.

During the White House press conference, Biden whispered aggressively at reporters several times.

When he was asked if he would provide additional relief to families during the Covid-19 pandemic, Biden leaned over and whispered into the microphone, "I got them $1.9trillion in relief so far.

"They're going to be getting checks in the mail that are consequential this week for childcare."

Later, when discussing how some Americans are choosing to stay on unemployment rather than return to low-wage jobs, Biden whispered again.

"Pay them more," he said. "This is an employee's … bargaining chip now."

The whispers were met with criticism online, with people calling the performance both "bizarre" and "creepy."

"The Biden lean in and long whisper into the mic was very very bizarre," Abigail Marone, press secretary to Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), tweeted.

"Creepy Joe is really creepy," quipped conservative activist Brigitte Gabriel.

During his Wisconsin visit, Biden touted how his infrastructure plan would increase funds for electric buses, replace 80,000 lead water lines in Milwaukee and improve high-speed internet.

He said the plan would also include $109billion in funding for roads, bridges, and other major infrastructure projects.

Naturally, the president also stopped to get some ice cream while visiting the state

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