Beaten Portland trucker Adam Haner slams protesters saying 'they're exhibiting the same behavior they're trying to stop'

Beaten Portland trucker Adam Haner slams protesters saying 'they're exhibiting the same behavior they're trying to stop'

THE MAN who was dragged from his truck and kicked unconscious by Portland protesters indicated Saturday that he is starting to recover from his injuries, a week after the brutal attack.

Adam Haner, sporting two black eyes, said he still has lacerations on his head and bruising on his legs and hips, in an interview with Jesse Watters on Fox’s “Watters’ World.”

“It was worse two days ago, feeling better today. Just trying to move on,” Haner said.

Haner, who appeared on the show with girlfriend Tammie Martin, told Fox that the two had made a trip to a nearby convenience store when they spotted a young woman being robbed.

"Does anyone think of what would have happened to the other person had I not drawn attention to me?" Haner asked Watters.

Haner said that he “didn’t have an issue” with protesters before the incident.

“I'm not really trying to pick up an issue here. I think they were down there for a cause and trying to show something for their cause, and what they’ve showed is what they showed. That's where I stand with it,” Haner said.

Haner, who protesters claimed was trying to hit them with his car, described the events leading up to the attack and has previously denied trying to target protesters.

"I warned everyone to get out of my way when I did start my truck. I'd been down there long enough. They knew when my truck started to get out of way,” Haner said.

He added: “I was down there for a lengthy anoint of time and managed not to hurt anyone when I was down there, but myself evidently."

In one of the videos of the incident, Haner can be heard saying, "I ain’t tryna hurt no one," before he was knocked out.

Haner slammed Portland officials for the “long response” in his getting medical attention, though admitting he doesn’t actually know how long it was because he was unconscious.

Martin told Watters that it took at least 10 minutes.

"Nobody would let me near him,” she said.

Haner then slammed protesters for their behavior.

"I thought that's what they were trying to fight, this kind of behavior towards them but they're doing the same behavior that they're trying to stop,” he said.

Marquise Lee Love, 25, turned himself into cops and was arrested for the attack. He has been given felony charges for assault, coercion and rioting.

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