‘Bad Santa’ rips off beard and shrieks ‘get the f*** out’

‘Bad Santa’ rips off beard and shrieks ‘get the f*** out’

He’s no SAINT Nicholas! Shopping centre apologises to parents after ‘Bad Santa’ rips off beard and shrieks ‘get the f*** out’ in front of dozens of children as fire alarm sounds

  • ‘Raging’ Santa tore off hat and beard to scream at youngsters at ‘children’s rave’ 
  • Parents branded him ‘disgrace’ and set he lost his temper over smoke machine 
  • Machine set off a fire alarm before Santa was pictured fuming at Corn Exchange
  • Said to have continued his ‘unfortunate choice of words’ waiting outside venue 
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A ‘Bad Santa’ tore off his beard and swore in front of stunned children and parents at a Christmas grotto.

The ‘absolute disgrace’ is believed to have lost his cool after the smoke machine at a ‘children’s rave’ in the same building set off the fire alarm in St Ives.

He burst into a room, ‘ripped his hat and beard off’ and shouted ‘get the f*** out’, according one shocked father.  

Organisers of the Father Christmas Grotto experience have now apologised for ‘any offence or distress caused to parents and children’.

Adam Gaynor took to social media to vent his frustration at the unseasonable behaviour, which happened on Sunday at Cambridgeshire’s Corn Exchange.

Children at the Corn Exchange (pictured) were shocked when the foul-mouth Santa burst into a room, ripped off his beard and told everyone to ‘get the f*** out’ on Sunday 

‘The guy dressed as Santa at the Corn Exchange is an absolute disgrace,’ he said. ‘[The] fire alarm went off due to the smoke machine at the children’s rave and everyone was in the process of clearing the room.

‘He came charging in, ripped his hat and beard off in front of 50 odd kids and started shouting and swearing at people to leave.

‘You should be ashamed of yourself acting like that in front of children. There is no way he should be allowed near a child.’

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Mr Raynor claimed the irate Father Christmas said ‘get the f*** out’ in front of the children, adding: ‘There was no need for that.’

Helen Brook said: ‘Bad language is never called for. He continued his unfortunate choice of words while we were waiting outside.’

Pictures posted on social media appear to show the Santa stood outside the venue, with his beard lying on the pavement. Stuart Wilkin said he played as a DJ at the rave event and witnessed the chaos.

The organisers have apologised on social media after the Santa was branded an ‘absolute disgrace’ over Sunday’s reported incident

‘The fire alarm did go off, the organisers came straight over and requested the music turned off, it instantly was,’ he said. 

‘The guy that arranged the sound system quickly got the microphone and told everyone to evacuate and pointed out the fire exits.

‘The guest evacuated and were all moving outside. There were only a few people left to get out and the last people leaving were all walking towards the fire exit when Santa arrived.

‘Santa was raging and did rip off his beard and hat and swore in front of the kids which I am making no excuse for, it was terrible.

‘However, I do think though the reason Santa was raging was because they booked a kids’ rave on the same day as kids going to see Santa upstairs above the event.

‘He probably sat there trying to talk to kids with thumping music playing and was p***** off. The fire alarm going of was probably the final straw for him.’

St Ives FESt, who organised the grotto, said: ‘Last Sunday during a family rave event (not a FESt event) in the Corn Exchange, St Ives, the fire alarms were activated by smoke in the Charter Hall.

‘Santa was upstairs in his grotto, an event organised by Festival Events St Ives (a voluntary organisation) and immediately assisted in the evacuation of the building.

‘FESt wish to apologise for any offence or distress caused to parents and children by the attempts to ensure all visitors and staff had exited the building and were safe.’ 

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