'Assassin' who killed Putin blogger required medical assistance

'Assassin' who killed Putin blogger required medical assistance

Female Russian ‘assassin’ who killed Putin blogger in café bombing ‘required medical assistance after she was interrogated by FSB thugs for NINE HOURS’

  • Daria Trepova became disoriented during nine hours of interrogation by the FSB
  • ‘I was set up. I was just being used,’ Trepova reportedly told state investigators

Doctors were rushed to the Russian woman accused of handing over a statuette laced with explosives that killed pro-Putin blogger and propagandist Vladlen Tatarsky, it was reported today.

Daria Trepova, 26, a former art student, reportedly became disoriented during nine hours of interrogation by the Russian FSB over the explosion at a café in St Petersburg on Sunday.

The woman had admitted giving the statuette to hardline war supporter Tatarsky who had more than half a million social media followers.

But she has denied being aware the gold-coloured statuette depicting Tatarsky was stuffed with explosives, it is understood.

‘I was set up. I was just being used,’ she reportedly told state investigators.

Daria Trepova reportedly became disoriented during nine hours of interrogation by the FSB. She is pictured chained to a radiator amid her detention by Russian officials

Daria Trepova, 26, is pictured with a bust. She reportedly admitted giving the statuette to hardline war supporter Tatarsky

Handcuffed bomb suspect Daria Trepova, 26, arrives at a Moscow airport escorted by Russian law enforcement on Tuesday

Ren TV – which claimed to have close law enforcement contacts – said she was subjected to nine hours of interrogation recorded on video after she was moved to Moscow where she was formally arrested.

‘During the interrogation Trepova complained of feeling unwell, saying that she could not hear well and could not get her bearings,’ the channel reported.

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‘Medics were called in to examine and assist Daria. According to preliminary reports, the woman’s condition may have been caused by concussion [as a result of the blast]’.

Ren TV is part of a media group headed by 70 year old Vladimir Putin’s mistress Alina Kabaeva, 39, a former MP and Olympic gold-winning rhythmic gymnast. 

Trepova is under investigation for terrorist offences and could be jailed for up to 20 years if convicted.

She was charged with committing ‘a terrorist act by an organised group that caused intentional death’ and was detained by police and escorted to Moscow from St Petersburg under armed guard.

Russian media claimed yesterday following Trepova’s arrest that she had thought she was auditioning for a job in journalism in Ukraine.

She reportedly believed she was on a ‘propaganda resistance’ test for a Ukrainian media outlet when she handed pro-Putin blogger Vladlen Tatarsky a small statue laced with explosives that blew him to pieces, Russian news outlet Fontanka reported. 

Fontanka cited leaked transcripts of Trepova’s interrogation by Russian FSB security officials.

Knowing nothing about the explosives, Trepova reportedly said she was offered a job as an editor at a Ukrainian media platform but was told she first had to complete a form of internship by carrying out a series of tasks.

Investigators have charged Trepova (left) with terrorism over the bomb that killed pro-Kremlin blogger Vladlen Tatarsky (right)

Video footage showed the handcuffed bomb suspect ,Trepova, being escorted through Moscow airport

This is the moment of the explosion that killed Kremlin top war blogger Vladlen Tatarskiy at a café in St Petersburg on Sunday

Russian police guard the glass cage that Trepova was being held in, while photographers tried to take pictures

Darya Trepova, a 26-year-old St Petersburg resident suspected of involvement in a bombing at a St. Petersburg cafe, is escorted by officers in Moscow on Tuesday

Trepova was told her first task was to see Vladlen Tatarsky speak at one of his events and become acquainted with the pro-Kremlin blogger and staunch supporter of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Fontanka reported that she was given a ‘secret item’ by a Moscow taxi driver – who also was said to have no knowledge of what they were doing.

Reports said the statue laced with explosives was ordered through the Telegram messaging app and was delivered anonymously to an intermediary.

Trepova then received her next task which was to meet up with Tatarsky again and give him the package.

Reports even said a ticket was purchased from Pulkovo international airport in St Petersburg to Uzbekistan as part of her safe travel to Ukraine.

The blast took place when the Kremlin propagandist had been speaking at a political event at the Street Food No. 1 café in St Petersburg when the bomb exploded next to him, killing him and injuring 32 others.

Russian authorities described the bombing as an act of terrorism and blamed Ukrainian intelligence agencies for orchestrating it.

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