Arizona mom busted for leaving son in hot car while inside Target

Arizona mom busted for leaving son in hot car while inside Target

An Arizona mom was busted for leaving her 15-month-old son locked inside a sweltering car in a Target parking lot – where the child was rescued by a Good Samaritan who smashed the car’s window with a tire iron.

Holli Platt, 39, admitted to police in Chandler on Tuesday that she left the boy inside her car as she shopped at a Target with her three other children, saying she had accidentally left him behind because her kids were excited about buying things inside, the Arizona Republic reports, citing court documents.

A man who spotted the tot crying and sweating profusely inside the car as temps rose to 112 degrees told KPHO that he grabbed a tire iron and smashed the car’s window before grabbing the child.

“I had a bunch of mixed emotions when it happened, happy for the baby, very grateful for the woman,” said the man who declined to be identified. “It’s just tough to see anything like that when there’s a helpless infant in the backseat of a hot car.”

Surveillance video shows that Platt was inside the store for 18 minutes while her son was trapped in her car, where temperatures rose by 25 degrees during that span, police estimated, according to court documents.

The Good Samaritan who rescued the boy then handed him over to be checked out by Chandler firefighters. He appeared to be fine other than elevated blood pressure, the Arizona Republic reports.

Platt, meanwhile, ran out of the Target with her three children after police instructed a manager to announce her name over the store’s intercom system, court documents show.

Platt’s son and three other children were released into their father’s custody before she was arrested on one count of child abuse.

An attorney for Platt insisted during her initial court appearance on Wednesday that the stay-at-home mom had absolutely no intention to leave her son behind.

“She obsesses over their safety, their cleanliness, they’re well-maintained,” attorney Theron Hall told a judge. “She is a wonderful, loving mother to all her children … She has dedicated her life to all her children.”

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