And the Oscar goes to… Hilarious Alabama boat brawl sparks memes

And the Oscar goes to… Hilarious Alabama boat brawl sparks memes

Alabama boat fight: Hilarious steamboat brawl parodies emerge on social media as it lights up with memes

  • An avalanche of hilarious memes have spawned after a shocking brawl on an Alabama dock went viral
  • In one satirical take on the scuffle, the key members from the wild melee were dubbed as cartoon fight characters
  • Another group mockingly recreated the fight by a swimming pool, while another even visited the site to see the iconic chair used in the skirmish  

The viral brawl between black cruise staff and white pleasure craft owners on an Alabama dock has sparked ridicule online after the footage spread rapidly. 

Shocking scenes saw the two groups fly into a frenzy on the Montgomery riverfront – with one man even hitting a woman over the head with a chair. 

But while millions have been stunned by the ugly scenes, some have seen the funny side and have used it to create an avalanche of memes. 

One of the most viewed was a hilarious take on the melee in the style of a comic fight, where the main players were satirized as characters – including a security guard who appeared to throw the first punch and a man who swam the river to join the action. 

While some made light of the apparent racial divides in the skirmish, others opted to recreate the scuffle with their pals – with one group visiting the site themselves to catch a glimpse of the now-iconic chair used in the fight. 

The hilarious take on the brawl saw the key players satitized, including a man who hit someone with a chair dubbed ‘Chairmageddon’

An avalanche of memes were spawned by the viral footage, with the man who swam across the river gaining online glory and being dubbed ‘Aquaman’s incarnate’ 

Racking up almost 250,000 views in less than a day, the comedy clip of the brawl as a cartoon fight quickly gained traction after it was posted on Twitter.

The video opens with the black security guard squaring off with one of the white party boat owners, stopping at the moment he takes his hat off to not lose it in the scrum to brand him ‘Hat Man: Attacks at the drop of…’ 

As the fighting escalated, one of the cruise staffers hurled himself into the water and swam across the river to throw himself into the clash. 

His heroics have seen him widely praised online, with the compilation naming him as ‘Aquaman’s incarnate’ and ‘Barnacle Boy’.

Soon after the wild scenes were spread on social media, many remarked about the man hitting a fellow boater over the head with a white folding chair. 

The as-yet-unidentified assailant was dubbed ‘Chairmageddon’ in the hilarious clip, while three shirtless men who stormed down the dock to join the lengthy brawl were branded ‘The Tugboat Triad’.

In another hilarious reaction to the fight, a group claimed to go back to the dock the next day to take a picture with the chair, leading one person to joke the image should hang ‘in a Black History Museum now.’ 

One viral video saw a group hilariously recreate the riverside brawl by a swimming pool

Social media has been flooded with comedic takes on the brawl, with another group recreating the fight by the dock next to a swimming pool.

The men even depicted the drunken staggering evident among the dozens of people who became embroiled in the melee. 

Just as the original fight went viral, the clip of the men racked up millions of views as numerous accounts circulated it online. 

And while many joked that they ‘can’t be serious’ for the skit, they drew praise for mimicking the brawl to a hilarious degree. At one stage, someone dives across the pool to join in the faked fracas. 

 Many of the memes also took aim at the apparent racial divides in the clash. 

While no evidence for racial motivation behind the fighting has been found, many on the internet were quick to note how the two sides seemed to separate between white and black. 

One person noted that the inventor of the folding chair, Nathaniel Alexander, was a black man.

They joked that he was ‘clearly a visionary who could see into the future’, as his invention helped one of the black fighters in the brawl 112 years later. 

Also among the abundance of hilarious memes was a snippet of the man who swam across the river to join the brawl. 

They dubbed the clip to Marvin Gaye’s classic hit ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’, saying that the swimmer was ‘if ain’t no river wide enough was a person’. 

One person joked that the inventor of the folding chair, a black man named Nathaniel Alexander, could ‘see into the future’ as his invention helped one of the black fighters 112 years later

Another meme saw someone take a clip of the man who swam across the river to join the brawl, which they dubbed to Marvin Gaye’s classic hit ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’

An avalanche of memes were created as a reaction to the viral brawl

It comes after the wild brawl erupted in Montgomery, Alabama on Saturday evening, with new footage capturing the moment a black man smacked a white boater as the frenzied scenes continued around them. 

The newly emerged angle taken from inside the cruise shows an unidentified black man repeatedly hitting a white man with a white chair. 

Despite the shocking violence, the Montgomery Police Department told they have not made any arrests and are not releasing names as of Monday.

‘There are 4 active warrants at this time and there’s a possibility more will follow after the review of additional video,’ police said.

Reports indicate it may have kicked off over an argument about mooring, and another angle of the fight saw a man heard on a megaphone shouting ‘don’t f**k with the riverboat crew.’ 

The large group of people had been returning to the dock after spending time on the Harriott II Riverboat, but after making it back, the space reserved for them had been taken over by a boat owner who parked his vessel and left it.

The riverboat sent a staff member to the dock to untie the smaller vessel so those onboard could return to land, when the fight ensues. 

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