Alesha MacPhail's gran says naming her killer Aaron Campbell was 'last thing she wanted' as he 'doesn't deserve the fame'

Alesha MacPhail's gran says naming her killer Aaron Campbell was 'last thing she wanted' as he 'doesn't deserve the fame'

Distressed Angela King told her loved ones she thought she would've "slept easier" once he was found guilty but hasn't.

On Thursday Campbell was found Campbell guilty of the rape and murder six-year-old Alesha.

Judge Lord Matthews lifted a ban which stopped his identity being revealed – because he is under 18 – insisting Campbell had caused "such revulsion".

Describing her heartache on Facebook, The Mirror reported Angela's post which said: "I thought I might sleep just a little easier tonight but no..

"I don't want to speak of him the only person who matters was Alesha…he is never going to be released, he enjoyed his time in court, took pleasure from it, to me his name being revealed is the last thing I want.

"Why? Because he doesn't deserve notoriety recognition for what he's done. That's what he wants.

"Let him rot and ill see him in hell I don't doubt he'll be there sooner rather than later."



  •  Alesha leaves mum Georgina for holiday with Bute family


  • 10.30pm – Little girl says goodnight to grandad Calum at the island home


  •  1.54am – Film shows killer Campbell leaving his home
  • 2.26am – CCTV of figure on beach 'carrying a child'
  • 2.37am – Similar image on another cam
  • 3.35am – Campbell, 16, returns home
  • 3.45am – Goes on second trip out
  • 3.52am – He goes back to his house
  • 3.58am – Boy leaves third time, with torch
  • 4.07am Returns again
  • 6.23am – Alesha reported missing from family home
  • 8.54am – Body found after search

Aaron Campbell lived on the same road as Alesha's grandparents on the Isle of Bute, where he snatched the schoolgirl from her bed and raped her last July.


The coward tried worming his way out of his horrific crime by spinning a twisted web of lies in an attempt to pin it on Toni McLachlan – the girlfriend of Alesha's dad.

He even blamed his own mum, who shopped him to cops when she saw CCTV of her son disappearing into the night to abduct Alesha.

In fact, the unrepentant teen's desperate attempts to blame others was his undoing after Anthony Graham QC urged the restriction to be lifted because of "adult-themed" lies.

The "evil" monster is facing life in prison – with investigators now revealing their fears he was a serial killer in the making who would have struck again.


A chilling profile of Campbell shows he was a Slender Man-obsessed teenager with a warped fixation of "gore and violence".

The depraved teenager was said to be "hooked" on the creepy fictional character as he worked on a haunting plan to turn his "fantasy into a horrific reality".

And in a sinister echo of Campbell's real-life crime, Slender Man kidnaps and traumatises youngsters.

A source said: “He’s an utterly warped individual and we’ve stopped a serial killer in his tracks.

“Slender Man searches were found and, when it was Googled, it chilled seasoned investigators to the bone.

“Some of the circumstances between what this character does and what happened to Alesha were carbon copies.”

He enjoyed his time in court, took pleasure from it

Fanatic Campbell would lock himself away in his room playing Fortnite as he chased fame as a YouTube gamer.

But as his obsession with video games grew and consumed his life, so too did a morbid curiosity for bloodlust.

The sicko killed and skinned cats on the idyllic Scottish island of Bute before burying them in the back garden.


Sickening CCTV footage shows Campbell creeping back to shower in the early hours of the morning after the murder.

Sicko Campbell could be seen returning home about 3.35am in July 2 last year, going on a second trip out about ten minutes later carrying his jogging bottoms which he threw into the sea and was later recovered on shoreline.

He then returns about 3.52am – leaving again barely five minutes later carrying a torch and jogging.

By 4.07am he is filmed returning again – with Alesha reported missing just hours later at 6.23am.

Campbell, who the judge heard has a history of self-harm, anxiety and depression, will be sentenced on March 21.

Lord Matthews warned the teenager, currently being held at Polmont Young Offenders Institute, that he may never be released from custody.



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