A boy wanted to mail a letter to his dad in heaven. The post office ‘delivered’

A boy wanted to mail a letter to his dad in heaven. The post office ‘delivered’

A 7-year-old boy prepared a letter hoping the post office would send it to his dad in heaven. What he got was a beautiful response from the post office on a successful “delivery.”

Last week, Teri Copeland shared her son Jase’s letter on Facebook, sealed inside an envelope with a message for the postman: “Can you take this to heaven for my dad’s birthday, thanks.”

Weeks after Jase mailed the letter, he received a response from the U.K.’s Royal Mail confirming his letter had indeed been delivered, shared Copeland.

“This was a difficult challenge avoiding stars and other galactic objects on route to heaven,” reads the letter posted by Copeland on Facebook. “However, please be assured that this particular important item of mail has been delivered.”

In her post, which has since been shared more than 274,000 times on Facebook, Copeland said the letter “restored her faith in humanity.”

“I actually cannot state how emotional he is knowing his dad got his card,” she wrote.

The letter was signed by Sean Milligan, an assistant delivery office manager with Royal Mail.

“Jase’s letter touched us all,” said Royal Mail in a statement to USA TODAY. “We are very proud of Sean for his response to give some comfort to Jase and his family.”

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