You fans ‘work out’ Kate’s ties to one of Joe’s victims

You fans ‘work out’ Kate’s ties to one of Joe’s victims

YOU: Season 4 part 2 trailer

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Netflix’s thrilling stalker series You took fans by storm after it returned for season four, part one in February. While viewers anticipate the upcoming storyline, many believe Kate (played by Charlotte Ritchie) could have a deeper connection to Joe Goldberg’s (Penn Badgley) past.

This season, You returned with Joe in a new environment, with a new career and a new identity.

After failing to spark romance with Marianne Bellamy (Tati Gabrielle) he decided to start afresh in London as a literature professor named Jonathan Moore.

However, it wasn’t long before his murderous past made an appearance in his new life.

After a booze-fuelled night, Joe woke up to find his friend Malcolm Harding’s (Stephen Hagan) dead body on his dining table.

Despite his attempt to never kill, he blamed himself and got rid of the body, only to discover it was planted and he was being stalked by an anonymous texter.

Throughout the show, Joe also fell back into his old ways and became obsessed with Malcolm’s girlfriend, Kate.

While he was also trying to protect her from his stalker’s threats, he also found himself becoming the newest member of their elite group of friends.

During a trip group trip to the countryside, Joe learned Kate had spent some time in America when she was younger.

While she didn’t offer up this information herself, Joe was visibly surprised by this revelation.

Although it was never mentioned again, fans are convinced there was a deeper reason for this.

Taking to Reddit, u/artetolie asked other fans: “Could this possibly be really significant as she may be connected to someone from Joe’s past?”

In response, u/phoreveryoung suggested Kate could have ties to “Peach.”

A second fan u/Pleasant_Choice_6130 noted: “I thought that was an important info-drop, too.”

As u/ValenciaM18 agreed: “Especially since Joe seems taken aback by the info, definitely something worth noting.”

Viewers will recall Peach Salinger (Shay Mitchell) from season one as Guinevere Beck’s (Elizabeth Lail) jealous close friend.

Throughout their friendship, Peach was manipulative and kept Beck in a constant state of co-dependence.

She was also jealous of the attention Beck gave Joe and wanted him out of her life not realising Joe was also an obsessed murderer.

During season one, Joe returned the disdain, killed Peach and made it look like a suicide.

As Peach was a wealthy student with lots of friends, it’s possible she and Kate knew each other.

With Kate only associating with other affluent people, they could have been friends during her time in America.

This could tie in with the popular theory of Peach still being alive and potentially making a shock appearance in season four, part two.


You season 4, part 2 premieres on Netflix on Thursday, March 9.

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