‘You don’t know what you’re doing!’ Jeremy Vine illustrates confusing mask rules across UK

‘You don’t know what you’re doing!’ Jeremy Vine illustrates confusing mask rules across UK

Face masks: Jeremy Vine criticises changing rules across UK

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Jeremy Vine attacked the Government for confusing mask-wearing as Scotland sees mandatory wearing enforced by law with England only having them as an advisory measure. However, London has decided to go its own way with Mayor Sadiq Khan keeping compulsory mask-wearing. Mr Vine attempted to explain the situation by bringing out a map of the UK and drawing the different rules people had to follow depending on where they lived.

Speaking on the Jeremy Vine Show, Mr Vine brought out a large map of the Uk and drew on it to show the rules across the UK. 

He began by saying: “So first of all in England, the Government says, here’s the crucial thing it expects you to wear a mask on buses and trains.

“And the thing is the bus and train companies in England won’t make you, Newcastle Metro right here it’s a condition of carriage.

“Manchester Metrolink. Yes, you have to wear it on that but not on the buses.

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“London has this TfL authority so they’ve been able to say yes trains and buses in London, Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London wants the police to be able to move in and find people – they’re not doing that at the moment.

“Now in Scotland, it’s mandatory and you can be fined if you don’t wear one on a bus or train, Northern Ireland, the same.

“Wales, mandatory and you can be fined, just like Scotland, and that is the situation.

“The problem is, in England, you don’t even know what you’re doing, we’re all over the shop here.

Face mask wearing 'isn't being enforced' on trains says host

“Maybe we should just say look, if you don’t wear a mask, you’re going to get thrown out the door whether train is moving or not.”

The legal requirement to wear masks in public spaces was lifted on July 19 but critics have called for the mask-wearing to remain in place. 

The Labour Party urged the Government to keep the masks for public transport with London Mayor Sadiq Khan keeping them as a requirement for travel. 

However, despite threats to enforce the rules by police, many have seen people not wear them during their travels including Martin Daubney who joined the Jeremy Vine panel. 


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The Office of National Statistics published figures for the last week of July which found 95 percent of Britons still wear masks when they are out. 

Some shops have chosen to keep mask-wearing for the protection of their customers which include Waterstones and Tesco. 

Across Europe, mandatory mask-wearing remains in place for some countries with Germany demanding FFP2 masks to be worn on public transport.

Some local authorities in France are still keeping mandatory mask-wearing, mirroring what some UK countries are also choosing to follow.

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