Yes, The Act's Movie Theater Sex Scene Between Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Nicholas Godejohn Really Happened

Yes, The Act's Movie Theater Sex Scene Between Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Nicholas Godejohn Really Happened

[Warning, this post contains spoilers for The Act season 1 episode 5, “Plan B”]

Looks like we’re heading into the murder portion of this story. In the latest episode of The Act, Gypsy, Nicholas, and Dee Dee all met for the first time…with ups and downs. Thus, Gypsy officially asked Nick’s evil alter ego Victor to do the deed. Now he’s on his way back to Gypsy’s home where she’s prepared everything he needs: a motel room, gloves, duct tape, and, most importantly, the knife he’ll use to stab her mom. If you need a refresher on the true story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, her mom, and her (ex) boyfriend, here are some links:

Throughout episode 5, which takes place in 2015, Gypsy and Nick engage in vid chat sex in their respective role play personas, Ruby and Victor. During one session, Ruby shows Victor a bruise from her “wicked step-mom” and he promises that he’d kill anyone who hurts her. After they both come down from their orgasms, Gypsy asks if he meant it. Nick admits “his good side” could never do such a thing, but to never ask Victor, because he absolutely would.

As Gypsy’s anger at her mother—who’s looking worse for wear thanks to her struggle with diabetes—ebbs, the conversation moves towards a planned visit from Nick. They decide he will come to town for a movie, where he’ll open the door for Gypsy and her mom and say “no princess should ever open her own door” as if they’re all just meeting for the first time. First he’s late, then Dee Dee refuses to have anything to do with him, so Gypsy sneaks off to the bathroom, where they share her first kiss and first time having sex. The wildest part? This really happened.

In July 2015, Gypsy Rose and Dee Dee attended a screening of Disney’s Cinderella. According to her testimony at Nick’s trial, Gypsy hoped that Dee Dee and her boyfriend would hit it off and she’d allow the pair to date. Though he traveled from Big Bend, Wisconsin to Springfield, Missouri, the meet up didn’t go as planned, but she did sneak off to have sex with him in the handicap bathroom.

In the show, Nick calls Dee Dee to have it out over the terrible first impression, and she’s almost too stunned to have words with Gypsy. In reality, according to an interview with ABC News, “she got jealous, because I was spending a little too much attention on him, and she had ordered me to stay away from him.”

Gypsy told 20/20 that Dee Dee was “yelling, throwing things, calling me names: bitch, slut, whore.”

Again, just like in The Act, it was this day that she chose to ask Nicholas (er, Victor) to kill her mother. “It was not because I hated her. It was because I wanted to escape her,” she said. Unlike on the show, where just a few days pass by, he wouldn’t “come to her rescue” until two months later in June 2015.

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