Will Kirk admits it’s hard not to be emotional while restoring items on The Repair Shop

Will Kirk admits it’s hard not to be emotional while restoring items on The Repair Shop

The Repair Shop has become one of the most beloved shows on television. Following a group of experts, each episode sees beloved items restored to their former glory. 

Chatting about the amazing work that they do on Lorraine, fan favourite presenter Will Kirk became very emotional, adding that he often has to try not to cry while filming the series.

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Lorraine said: “Thank you so much for one of the kindest and most authentic shows. You make people happy,” to which he replied: “There’s an amazing team there at the barn and it’s a lovely show! Just watching that, there’s a lump in my throat. We’re so invested in the item and the people bringing them in.” 

The TV personality continued that she broke down in tears during an episode where they restored a rocking horse to its former glory, and Will explained: “That and many other things that have come in have been so emotional. Sometimes it’s hard to do the work while not having tears running down your face. And you see how much these things mean to people, gosh, sorry!” 

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Lorraine replied: “All of you really care so much. The work you put into these objects… you get them all sorted out and I just think it’s amazing.” 

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Will is a repair craftsman and expert in wood restoration. According to his website, he grew up watching his grandfather in his workshop, which inspired him to follow in his footsteps. He went on to study Graphic Design and Antique Furniture Restoration and Conservation at the University of the Arts and London Metropolitan University. Will has previously appeared on Channel Four’s The French Collection and BBC’s What To Buy and Why in 2015. 

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