Why Fans Are Seriously Concerned for Jordyn Duggar From 'Counting On'

Why Fans Are Seriously Concerned for Jordyn Duggar From 'Counting On'

We all remember our first introduction to the Duggar family back in 2008 with 17 Kids and Counting. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, two strict Baptist parents of 17 children, allowed TLC cameramen to come into their lives and observe their family dynamics. Before fans knew it, 17 kids became 19, and the show was appropriately renamed 19 Kids and Counting to accommodate the growing family.

While viewers became captivated with the Duggars, they lost their show at the height of their fame when son Josh was involved in sexual misconduct scandals. Though 19 Kids and Counting is over, fans continue watching the family grow up and expand with their newer show, Counting On. More recently, though, viewers have expressed worry over one of the youngest Duggar daughters, Jordyn. Here’s why.

Jordyn’s birthday was heavily overlooked due to Josie, the youngest Duggar

Michelle Duggar, Jordyn Duggar, and Josie Duggar | The Duggar Family via Instagram

According to In Touch Weekly, fans are seriously concerned that Jordyn, who’s baby No. 18, might be the most forgotten Duggar of all. Jordyn turned 9 years old in December 2017 — a day the whole family should be celebrating for the little girl. While the family did eventually get around to celebrating Jordyn, it was certainly overshadowed by Josie’s birthday, which is just days before Jordyn’s. Josie, the 19th Duggar, was born prematurely and barely made it into this world alive. Fans suspect that’s the reason Josie gets doted on way more than Jordyn by Michelle and Jim Bob.

As one Counting On viewer noted on Reddit, “But there is just such a history of the poor girl being overshadowed by Josie. It breaks my heart and I don’t even know the kid. I want to adopt her as an ‘unofficial niece’ and spoil her with love and attention.” And when the day of Jordyn’s birthday finally arrived, the Duggar family didn’t post their traditional “happy birthday” to the internet until late into the afternoon.

A pregnancy announcement also overshadowed her birthday

Joe and Kendra Duggar | The Duggar Family via Instagram

While Josie’s birthday may overshadow Jordyn’s every year, the little Duggar’s spotlight was also thrust upon another member of the family for an entirely different reason in 2017. In Touch Weekly explains Joseph Duggar and his wife, Kendra, made it known that they expecting their first child. And the rest of the Duggars took it upon themselves to make the pregnancy announcement on the same day as little Jordyn’s birthday.

Jordyn’s birthday wishes hit the internet later that day, but even so, many fans were astonished that, once again, Jordyn was being willfully forgotten for her brothers and sisters. As one fan wrote, “Common sense would tell them to delay announcing it for 2 days till Wednesday or the end of the week. But I guess we can wish her if her family can’t. Happy birthday Jordyn!”

Fans suspect Jordyn might be getting abused, too

Jordyn Duggar | The Duggar Family via Instagram

While overshadowing Jordyn’s birthday with other family milestones and announcements is harsh, fans found themselves most worried for the 18th Duggar after a video surfaced of her on her birthday. In Touch Weekly reports Jim Bob and Michelle shared footage of their daughter on her 9th birthday. The video shows Jordyn covering her chest and flinching as her dad holds her shoulders, and every time Michelle reaches to touch her, she looks uncomfortable. To eagle-eyed and worried fans, it looked like telltale signs of abuse.

For fans of 19 Kids and Counting, abuse may be particularly on the brain due to the reason the original show was cancelled. USA Today explains Josh Duggar was discovered to have molested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters. To make matters worse, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar also reportedly knew about the incidents and kept them a secret. For this reason, fans are wary that something may have happened to Jordyn to make her act the way she does, but the public may never know.

Other fans aren’t too concerned about the child’s behavior, however. As one fan commented, “I suspect Jordyn is a bit shy and a little embarrassed at all the attention. She cracked a few sweet, teeny smiles — especially for her daddy.” And others agreed and said we shouldn’t expect the worst out of the Duggars just because of the past.

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