Why does Love Island's Ovie keep saying 'message' every time the villa gets a text ?

Why does Love Island's Ovie keep saying 'message' every time the villa gets a text ?

LOVE Island's Ovie Soko has had fans wondering why he shouts "message" every time someone in the villa receives as a text.

Now, the real reason behind the professional basketball player's witty remark has been revealed. Find out more here.

Why does Ovie Soko say 'message' when an Islander gets a text?

Love Island fans have pointed out that Ovie Soko has been referencing Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.

A parody of films like Boyz N The Hood and South Central, it features Keenen Wayans as a comedy character who pops up to point out that someone has learnt a lesson.

Of course, he does so – just like Ovie – by shouting: "Message."

The 28-year-old basketball star has been doing the joke practically ever since he first appeared in the villa.

What have Love Island fans said about Ovie's reference to the 90s cult?

When the new Islanders were announced on episode 32, true to form Amber's "I've got a text" was quickly followed by Ovie adding: "Message."

The reference went over the heads of many viewers, though scores of fans of the movie have posted their approval.

One wrote: "When I clocked Ovie saying “message” like the postman out of don’t be a menace I lost it…"

Another said: "Who else has noticed that Ovie references ‘Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood’ every time someone gets a message. What a legend."

A third tweeted: "NOBODY gets the ‘message’ thing Ovie keeps doing! HAVE YOU SEEN DON'T BE A MENACE THOUGH?"

Five interesting facts about Don't Be A Menace?

  1. The film made £16million at the box office on a budget of just £3million.
  2. Two of the Wayans brothers – Shawn and Marlon – star in the movie, which sees Shawn's character Ashtray being sent to given an education about life on the streets from his psychotic cousin Loc Dog, played by Marlon.
  3. The comedy flick was directed by Emmy-award winner Paris Barclay, who has also directed Glee and produced Sons of Anarchy.
  4. Late comedian Bernie Mac, who starred in Ocean's Eleven and Friday, stars in the hilarious film.
  5. The sound track for the film has some of musics biggest star, including Lil Kim, Wu-Tang Clan and Joe.


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Who is Ovie Soko?

Ovie Soko is a 28-year-old professional basketball player, who plays for the Great Britain team.

The athlete went to school with former Love Island star Alexandra Cane.

When asked to rate himself, he stated: "I feel like I’m an 8 but an international 8, some people call themselves a 10 but you can be a 10 in one place and go to the opposite side of the world and be a 4.

"Wherever I go around the world, I think I can be an 8.

"My best feature is my personality, I am just a vibe and people like being around my energy."


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