Who won Love Island last night and did they split the cash prize?

Who won Love Island last night and did they split the cash prize?

Love Island 2020 has come to an end, with one couple now crowned the winner of winter Love Island.

Last night’s emotional final saw the final islanders dance together, get dolled up, and pen one another love letters.

However, it was a more sombre finale than most, following the tragic death of presenter Caroline Flack, whom the show paid tribute to, through a montage of highlights which featured her flawless outfits, slow-mo walks, and best moments on the dating show.

A clearly emotional Laura Whitmore said ‘Caroline loved Love Island and that’s why tonight’s final is dedicated to her.’

And what a final it was.

So, who won it, and did the couple split the £50k cash prize?

Who won Love Island 2020?

Paige Turley and Finlay Tapp won the nation’s hearts and were crowned the winners of winter Love Island.

Responding to their win, a shocked Finn said: ‘How the f** have I blagged that?!’

If you ask us, it was his emotional love letter to Paige which led him (and us) to break down into tears that cinched the deal.

He said: ‘Paigey Baby, you make me the happiest I’ve been for a long time and I’m so excited for life after Love Island.’

Finn, 20, then closed his speech by saying he had found ‘a girlfriend and a best friend’ before uttering those three words.

‘I know I said I’d wait but I also said when I feel it I’d say it. So Paigey I want you to know I love you,’ he said.

The winning couple were then given two envelopes, with Paige receiving the envelope containing £50,000 and Finley the empty one.

She then had to decide whether or not to split the money or bag the whole amount.

As you can probably guess, Paige 22, decided to split the cash with her man, who declared they will use the money to buy a flat together in Manchester, where they plan to live together.

Has anyone ever kept the money on Love Island?

Let’s face it, it was pretty obvious neither Paige nor Finn would steal the full £50,000, but has any Love Island contestant ever chosen to bank the prize, leaving the other one penniless?

The short answer is no: every couple has chosen love instead of the money and has chosen to split the cash prize.

That includes 2015 winners Jess and Max, 2016 winners Cara and Nathan, 2017 winners Amber and Kem and 2018 darlings Dani and Jack.

And of course, last year’s winners, Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea, who also opted to split the £50k prize both ways.

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