Who is Nate's mum Cara Robinson in Emmerdale and how does Cain know her?

Who is Nate's mum Cara Robinson in Emmerdale and how does Cain know her?

The secrecy behind Nate Robinson’s (Jurell Carter) parentage has finally been fully revealed in Emmerdale this week, as the young farmhand confessed to being Cain Dingle’s (Jeff Hordley) son in dramatic scenes earlier this week and we have now discovered his mum is called Cara Robinson.

While Nate has been harbouring a grudge against his father for his whole life, believing that Cain rejected him, it actually turns out that Cain’s mum Faith (Sally Dexter) has been intercepting any contact from Cara and Nate to Cain all along, meaning that he never knew he had another son.

But who is Nate’s mum Cara Robinson in Emmerdale and how does Cain know her?

Who is Nate’s mum Cara Robinson in Emmerdale?

Nate’s mum has been revealed to be a woman called Cara Robinson, who Cain had a relationship with before he first appeared on our screens in Emmerdale in 2000.

While we still know every little about Cara, we do know that she and Cain met in a pub and went on to see each other, before Cara ended their relationship by disappearing.

When Nate reveals this information to his dad, Cain remembers Cara but is shocked because he had no idea she was pregnant after they lost contact.

This means that when Cain first joined Emmerdale he was actually already a father of two, having fathered both Debbie and Nate before he was introduced to the soap’s storyline.

Since birth, Nate has been brought up thinking that his biological father, Cain, had rejected him, because although Cara made numerous attempts to get in contact with Cain about their son, she never had a reply.

What we now know is that Faith was actually intercepting all of Cara’s correspondence and attempts to tell Cain about Nate because Cain’s alcoholic, abusive father would have reacted badly if he had found out about Cara and the baby.

Although Faith has been insistent that all she was trying to do was protect her son (and grandson) both Cain and Nate are understandably furious and at this point, it looks like neither of them can find it in their hearts to forgive her.

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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