Who is Freddie Fox? The Crown star who plays Mark Thatcher – The Sun

Who is Freddie Fox? The Crown star who plays Mark Thatcher – The Sun

FREDDIE Fox is riding high at the moment as one of the UK's most sought after actors.

It's no wonder he is so successful, as the young star comes from a very famous acting dynasty.

Who is Freddie Fox?

31-year-old Freddie was born on April 1989 and is known for his work on TV.

His screen career highlights include playing singer Marilyn in the BBC's Boy George biopic Worried About the Boy (2010).

He also received a acclaim for his role as Freddie Baxter in the two gay-themed television series Cucumber (2015) and Banana (2015).

In 2020 he played killer Jeremy Bamber in ITV drama White House Farm.

When did Freddie Fox star in The Crown?

Jeremy plays Margaret Thatcher's son Mark in Netflix show, The Crown series four.

The series dropped on Netflix on November 15, 2020.

In the series Thatcher describes Freddie character Mark as her "favourite child".

Who are Freddie Fox's famous relatives?

Freddie is part of the famous Fox family acting dynasty.

His grandfather is actor and theatrical agent Robin Fox.

Freddie's dad is the esteemed entertainer Edward Fox and his sister is Emilia Fox.

His uncle is actor James Fox and his cousins include fellow actors Laurence, Jack and Lydia Fox.

What films has Freddie Fox been in?

As well as being a star of the small screen, he is also known for his work on film:

  • King Louis XIII in The Three Musketeers (2011)
  • Edwin Drood in the BBC's The Mystery of Edwin Drood (2012)
  • James Leighton-Masters in The Riot Club (2014)
  • Jeff Cole in Pride (2014)





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