When They See Us: What happened with Antron McCray and his father Bobby?

When They See Us: What happened with Antron McCray and his father Bobby?

When They See Us on Netflix introduced fans to the true story of Antron McCray (played by Caleel Harris and Jovan Adepo) and the four other wrongfully convicted young teens of the Central Park Five when it was released last month. Antron is one of the five men wrongly convicted for their parts in the Central Park jogger case of 1989 in which a woman was assaulted and raped. Antron’s father Bobby McCray (Michael K Williams) played a pivotal role in seeing his son wrongfully charged, leaving viewers wondering what happened between them after Antron’s exoneration.

What happened with Antron McCray and his father Bobby?

Antron McCray publicly revealed after the release of When They See Us that he failed to make peace with his father Bobby.

When They See Us sees a dramatisation of Antron being questioned by police when he was a minor.

Bobby joined his son at the police station and pressured Antron into falsely confessing to the crime, despite there being no physical evidence.

In the years after his release and exoneration, Antron and his father struggled to have a relationship.

Netflix special Oprah Winfrey: When They See Us Now sees Antron open up about their relationship to Oprah.

When asked if he ever forgave his father, Antron began: “No ma’am.”


The tearful Exonerated Five member continued: “Like I said before, he was a coward.

“I have six kids. Four boys, two girls. I couldn’t imagine doing that to my son.

“He allowed them to mush me, poke me in my chest. I hate him. My life is ruined.”

Oprah then asked Antron if he felt When They See Us and its effect on the public has provided some sort of redemption.

Antron answered: “Not for me, ma’am. I appreciate it though.

“Ya’ll probably know more about my case than I do. I just know I didn’t do it (and) my brothers didn’t do it.”


Antron also opened up to CBS News about the experiences with his father, telling them his dad was “his hero” before the events shown in When They See Us unfolded.

He said: “I just kept telling the truth at first and then they asked to speak with my father.

“My father left the room with them and when he came back in the room he just changed. Cursing. Yelling at me.

“He said: ‘Tell these people what they want to hear so we can go home,’

“I was like, ‘Dad, I didn’t do nothing.’ I had the police yelling at me, my father yelling at me and I was just like: ‘I did it.’

“And I looked up to my father he was my hero, but he gave up on me, he knew I was telling the truth but he told me to lie.”


The interviewer then asked Antron if he ever made peace with his dad, Bobby.

Antron replied: “No, I didn’t want to. My life is ruined. Why should I? He was a coward.”

Bobby McCray testified in court that he made his son confess to the crime even though he knew he was innocent.

It was too little too late, however, and Antron served six years in prison.

When They See Us is available to stream now on Netflix.

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