When Does the New Season of 'The Real World' Premiere?

When Does the New Season of 'The Real World' Premiere?

Things are about the get real. MTV is rebooting its pioneering show The Real World.

The Real World, which premiered in 1992, helped pave the way for the current glut of reality shows on the air today and spawned spinoffs like Road Rules and The Challenge. But it seemed to lose relevance in its later seasons, as newer shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Real Housewives series captured the attention of viewers. The last season, Real World Seattle: Bad Blood, aired in 2017.

The new version of The Real World premieres in Spring 2019

Katrina and Anna from Real World Seattle: Bad Blood | MTV

In June 2018, MTV announced it was bringing back The Real World after its short hiatus. The new version of the show will “return to its roots,” according to the network, as the series “strips away the polarization and cold anonymity of social media, the din of the 24-hour news cycle, and the facades of the instafamous culture to find out what happens ‘when seven strangers are picked to live in a house…stop being polite and start getting real.’”

A specific premiere date hasn’t yet been announced, but MTV is promising the show will launch in Spring 2019. But don’t expect to find the new episodes airing on MTV. Instead, three new seasons of the show will be available on Facebook Watch, the social network’s video platform.

One season of the show will be set in the U.S., with the other two taking place in Mexico and Thailand. With the move to the new platform, viewers will have the chance to interact with the show in unique ways. For example, people on Facebook will have the chance to vote one person onto the show before it airs. There will also be opportunities to connect with the cast through Facebook Live, Premieres, and Watch Party.

Where can you watch old episodes of The Real World?

We’ll have to wait and see whether the new version of The Real World is able to recapture what made early seasons of the show so compelling. One factor in its success was its willingness to bring diverse groups of people together, and to showcase the lives of people who average viewers might not otherwise encounter.

The show made history with cast members like Season 3’s Pedro Zamora, who was one of the first gay men with AIDS to appear on a major TV show. His conflicts with homophobic housemate David “Puck” Rainey were must-see TV, as was his commitment ceremony with boyfriend Sean Stasser. Sadly, Zamora died just hours after the season finale aired. In 2009, the show included the first transgender reality TV star, long before Caitlyn Jenner was starring in her own reality show. (Kaitlyn Cusanelli has since said that the show didn’t do a great job of seriously addressing LGBTQ issues.)

Unfortunately, reliving these and other memorable TV moments is a little harder than you might expect. Some past seasons, but not all, are available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes. If you’re a cable TV subscriber, you can watch all of Season 1 online on the MTV website. But many of the earliest seasons of the show aren’t streaming.

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