When did Katie Price start dating Kris Boyson, did he cheat on her and does he have Instagram?

When did Katie Price start dating Kris Boyson, did he cheat on her and does he have Instagram?

Despite whispers about potentially getting married and even having children together, the couple have very much been on and off again. Here's the lowdown on their rocky relationship.

When did Katie Price start dating Kris Boyson?

Kris Boyson is a 29-year-old fitness instructor from Kent and Katie Price's boyfriend.

Katie and Kris met through former Love Island star Rykard Jenkins in early May 2018.

They met at Towie hotspot Sheesh – that same night Kris was pictured giving her a massage.

On May 24, 2018 Katie shared an Instagram video in which she revealed she has "a tick box" for the new man in her life.

In February 2018 Katie hinted she was looking for a new man when she posted a cryptic message on Instagram, leading fans to think things have turned sour between her and Kris.

You can follow Kris on Instagram on @krisboyson.

Did Kris Boyson cheat on Katie Price?

As far as we know, Kris has been faithful to Katie.

However, The Sun Online exclusively exposed Katie when she went out with minted high-flyer Alex Adderson behind Kris’ back, which left their romance on the rocks back in August 2018 and they famously flew out to Majorca together.

A source close to Alex said: “Alex woke up in the early hours of the morning and caught Katie FaceTiming Kris Boyson and overheard her telling Kris she still loves him.”

What have Katie and Kris said about marriage?

On July 3, 2018, Kris hinted that he was about to marry Katie after he joked that he was at a wedding rehearsal.

The personal trainer snapped away while in a church as he attended what appeared to be a friend’s wedding rehearsal.

Clearly torn because the football was also on, the 29-year-old shared a shot of himself watching on his phone, telling fans: “Wedding rehearsal or football”.


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