When are hometown dates on The Bachelor?

When are hometown dates on The Bachelor?

HOMETOWN dates are right around the corner, meaning Matt James is closer to selecting his bride-to-be.

Bachelor Nation are anticipating which of the contestants will be in his final four.

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When are hometown dates on The Bachelor?

Hometown dates will air Monday, February 22.

Steve has posted about who he believes Matt's final four will be.

Rachel Kirkconnell,Ā Michelle Young,Ā Serena Pitt, andĀ Bri SpringsĀ will make the final cut, according to Steve.

However, he is not as sure about Springs being in the final four.

"I do not know who the 4th girl is, although I was told it was Bri Springs, I havenā€™t gotten the confirmation I needed,"Ā Reality SteveĀ writes.

"But since Iā€™m just laying out everything for you that I was told pre-season, there you go.

"If/When I get solid confirmation, Iā€™ll let you know if Bri is in fact the 4th girl. That doesnā€™t mean sheĀ finishedĀ in 4th place.

"Iā€™m just trying to give you the 4 girls that got hometown dates. Serena P., Rachael, and Michelle definitely did."

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