What type of cancer does Dustin Diamond have?

What type of cancer does Dustin Diamond have?

SAVED by the Bell star Dustin Diamond's pal revealed he was diagnosed with cancer after realizing he had a “huge lump” on his throat.

The actor is currently hospitalized in Florida and is receiving chemotherapy to treat the stage 4 diagnosis.

What type of cancer does Dustin Diamond have?

It is unknown what type of cancer Dustin Diamond, 44, was diagnosed with.

His manager released a statement regarding his illness but did not mention the specific type he is battling until a formal diagnosis is made.

A rep for Diamond told Entertainment Weekly about his treatment, saying: “He's undergoing chemo so he will be there at least another week and then we will figure out when he gets to come home. 

Adding: “By next week, we'll have a much better understanding of the severity of his condition and what treatments he will need so that he's comfortable."

He is currently receiving treatment at an undisclosed facility.

In addition to his cancer diagnosis, Diamond is also dealing with shingles — similar to chicken pox — which causes extremely painful rashes all over the body.

When was Dustin Diamond diagnosed with cancer? 

Diamond was diagnosed with cancer after he was rushed to the hospital over the January 8 weekend.

A friend of Diamond's, Dan Block, recently confirmed his cancer diagnosis to The Sun.

Block exclusively revealed that the actor was afraid to seek treatment earlier in case people made fun of the lump on his neck.

"Right now we don't know how bad it is or where it has spread," Block told The Sun.

"I wanted to say something because there's people out there saying it's a hoax – it's not a hoax, Dustin is sick."

When was Dustin Diamond arrested and what did he do? 

Diamond was arrested in Wisconsin for possession of a switchblade knife, which he was alleged to have pulled on a man during a bar altercation.

Consequently, in May of 2015, he was convicted on two misdemeanors: carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct.

How long was Dustin Diamond in prison?

Diamond was sentenced to four months in prison and was out after serving three.

Just one month after his release, he was arrested again for violating the conditions of his probation when the painkiller Oxycontin showed up in one of his drug tests.

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