What time is Gogglebox on tonight and who are this season's families?

What time is Gogglebox on tonight and who are this season's families?

Here's the inside track on the show which has proved to be an unexpected hit after first launching way back in 2013.

When does Gogglebox start on Channel 4?

Gogglebox returned to our screens on September 7 at 10.10pm and continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.

Tonight's episode airs at the same time as the news on BBC One and ITV and QI: Pubs – A Christmas Special on BBC Two.

The show airs every week at the same time and each of the episodes lasts an hour.

Fans can look forward to 15 instalments in total – following the same format as the previous series.

Who are the families?

  • The Tapper family
  • Stephen Webb and his mother Pat
  • The Siddiqui family
  • The Michael family
  • Linda and Peter McGarry and George Gilbey
  • The Woerdenweber family
  • Bill Hartston and Josef Kollar
  • The Malone family
  • Jenny and Lee
  • Giles Wood and Mary Killen
  • Ellie and Izzi Warner
  • David and Shirley
  • The McCormick family
  • The Plummer family
  • Mary and Marina
  • The Delaney-Ellwoods family
  • Johnson-Aley family
  • Patric and Savion family
  • Amira and Iqra
  • Alison, George and Helena
  • Pete and Sophie

Why did Chris Butland-Steed quit the show?

Chris has been a favourite with fans and is one of the few people to have appeared in the show since it first started five years ago.

But, he has fallen out with ex-lover Stephen Webb, who appeared with him on the sofa at Chris’s home in Hove, West Sussex.

A source revealed that Chris did try to stay on the show and work things out, saying: “Chris had hoped he would be able to sort out a deal with another friend but it didn’t ­work out and he will not be ­featured in the new series."

A Channel 4 spokesperson explained that Chris left the show because he "decided to pursue other opportunities".

The spokesperson thanked him for "his fantastic contributions across ten series".

In his tweet, Chris thanked fans of the show for their support and wished the other stars well.

Now, Stephen is joined on the sofa by his mum Pat instead.

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