What happened to Nick Tilsley and how did he get a brain injury?

What happened to Nick Tilsley and how did he get a brain injury?

Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) and his brother David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) are set to stand trial for stealing from their grandmother Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls).

Her £80,000 inheritance money was taken by Nick earlier this year, and he has been trying to avoid the consequences ever since.

Nick is set to suggest that David was the mastermind behind the crime, while also blaming his brain injury for his actions when he stands up in court.

So when did Nick suffer a brain injury and how did it happen?

What happened to Nick Tilsley in Coronation Street?

Nick and his David Platt were involved in an accident in 2013 which resulted in Nick suffering from a brain injury.

He had been driving a van with David in the passenger seat, and chose that time to confess that he had slept with Kylie, David’s wife at the time.

An argument between the two of them then erupted, and while back on they were back on the road David removed Nick’s seat-belt and then tried to take hold of the wheel.

They eventually came to a stop, but were then hit by an oncoming truck.

David was able to survive with just minor injuries, but Nick ended up in a coma which lasted for nearly two months.

He also had to have an emergency operation to remove a blood clot from his brain, and it took him a while to recover and speak more fluently.

He was eventually discharged from the hospital with the aid of a walking stick, and suffers some short-term memory loss.

Since then he has been able to mostly recover from his injuries, but it now looks like he could be using the brain injury as a defence when he stands trial.

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