‘What are you doing?’ Holly Willoughby scolds Bradley Walsh on Take Off ‘Pick that up!’

‘What are you doing?’ Holly Willoughby scolds Bradley Walsh on Take Off ‘Pick that up!’

Holly Willoughby jokes with Bradley Walsh as he eats chocolate

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Take Off with Bradley and Holly returned on Saturday evening with contestants battling it out to win a holiday. Hosts Holly Willoughby and Bradley Walsh guided players through the BBC game show as they competed for a flight to Mexico. However, the presenting duo had a row on-screen when Holly spotted Bradley throwing away a chocolate wrapper.

After the first two contestants got their place on the plane, they began tucking into their complimentary drinks and snacks.

When they pointed out they had some chocolates, Bradley made it clear he wanted one too.

“Are you just going to tuck into those?” Holly questioned, as her co-star unwrapped the treat.

Bradley quickly replied: “I am yeah. I didn’t have any tea.”

He kindly shared his chocolates with Holly who then said: “Right now we’ve got to talk. We’re on the telly and we’ve got a face full of chocolate.”

“No it’s good,” Bradley said, as he threw his chocolate wrapper behind the sofa.

Clearly outraged by her co-star littering, Holly exclaimed: “What are you doing?

“You just chucked that over the sofa. Do you do that at home?” Holly asked.

“What?” Bradley said, as he tried his best to hide his laughter.

“You pick that up afterwards Bradley Walsh!” Holly instructed her co-presenter.

“Dave, pick that up,” Bradley remarked, leaning behind the sofa.

But, Holly wasn’t having any of it and told him to collect his litter: “Go and pick it up now. Go and get it. Go and put it in the bin.”

Bradley reluctantly walked behind the sofa and picked up his chocolate wrapper, but when he sat back down he sneakily wedged it between the seats.

“Shall we?” Holly asked, suggesting they continue with the rest of the show, with Bradley replying: “Absolutely.”

However, he quickly realised his co-star was looking at him disapprovingly once again.

“What?” Bradley exclaimed, with Holly replying: “You think I’m stupid.”

“I do not!” he insisted, as Holly fumed: “You’ve just stuck it down the sofa now.”

“You’ve grassed me up again. What is the matter with you? Have you got x-ray vision or something?” Bradley fumed.

Holly picked up the chocolate wrapper and said: “I will keep that and I will put it in the bin later. You’re like one of my kids.”

Take Off with Bradley and Holly airs Saturdays at 6pm on BBC One.

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