Watch: The outrageous trailer for The Young Offenders Christmas Special has landed

Watch: The outrageous trailer for The Young Offenders Christmas Special has landed

Those of you still digesting your lunch may want to give The Young Offenders Christmas Special trailer a miss!

Among the delights on offer are scenes in which Jock accidentally spills the contents of a bed pan all over his face and Robert Sheehan (and a few other lads) bare their backsides (although there are some strategically placed Rudolph heads preserving their modesty).

Alex Murphy and Chris Walley reprise their roles as lovable rogues Conor and Jock, with Hilary Rose back as Conor’s mum Mairead for the special which charts their exploits over Christmas week.

In the show, the trio has been fighting off an eviction from the council for over a month and the residents have created a barricade to show their determination that they won’t be moved.  Meanwhile, Mairead ends up in hospital and it proves more serious than they thought.

The half hour festive episode was filmed on location in Cork in September and will air on BBC Three on Friday December 14 and on RTE One on Christmas Day.

The first series of the comedy proved a massive hit when it aired earlier this year with its compelling balance of laugh-out-loud comedy and, at times, tear-jerking emotion, all delivered courtesy of a first class cast.

A second season was commissioned by the BBC before the first episode of the first series had even aired and it’s due to start filming early next year.

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First image from Young Offenders Christmas Special hints at weighty storyline 

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