Virgin River season 3: 5 questions we have from the season 3 trailer

Virgin River season 3: 5 questions we have from the season 3 trailer

Virgin River: Netflix releases trailer for third season

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Virgin River season three will be arriving on Netflix on July 9 and the trailer for the latest instalment has just been revealed. The series teases a funeral, a death, breakups and much more. Here are five questions we have raised from watching the trailer. 

Who is Charmaine’s new boyfriend?

During the second season, Jack Sheridan’s (played by Martin Henderson) former girlfriend Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) was trying her best to meddle in his new relationship. 

He had fallen for nurse Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), and Charmaine was jealous of their connection. 

She announced she was pregnant and revealed the twins were Jack’s but fans are not convinced and they believe it was a plan to get Jack to stay with her. 

However, in the trailer for the third season, she introduces a new love interest called Tod. 

She tells Jack: “I know that you were having a hard time adjusting to the whole being a dad thing. But now Tod’s here and I’m not alone, so you’re free.”

Tod does not seem to be a character from the original books by Robyn Carr, so this is a real plot twist. Is the relationship genuine, or is it another of Charmaine’s games? 

Will Doc’s eyesight be saved?

Fans have finally learnt what Doc Mullins (Tim Matheson) was about to tell Hope (Annette O’Toole) at the end of the second season. 

They knew it was regarding a health issue, and in the trailer he is seen telling Mel he is going blind. 

This will undoubtedly impact his career as a GP, but is there a possibility his eyesight could be saved? 

Hopefully, he will continue to act as the main point of call for residents, but there is a chance Mel will have to take over. 

If Mel is to stay in Virgin River permanently, this could be a way to keep her tied to the town. 

Where is Hope in the trailer?

Fans may have noticed Hope does not appear in the new trailer, and they are worried something may have happened to her. 

Netflix has already teased an impending death, so it could be Hope that sees her demise in the latest season. 

She is known for suffering minor heart attacks, so she may well have experienced a more serious health problem. 

There is also a possibility she found Doc’s news too hard to overcome, and it could have led to her exit. 

Just because she does not appear in the trailer, this does not mean she will not be featuring in the new episodes. 

Will Jack and Mel have a baby? 

Fans who have read the books will know Jack and Mel take their relationship to the next level. 

In the trailer, multiple residents are heard asking Mel if she would ever try for another baby. 

When she and Jack are in bed together, she asks him how he would feel about taking the next step. 

However, it does not seem to go down well with Jack, as the pair are later seen arguing. 

He says: “I can’t be the person that stands in the way of you becoming a mother. I know what you want, I don’t know if I can give it to you.”

Who started the fire? 

Tragedy strikes again when a building is seen going up in flames towards the end of the trailer. 

Could the fire have started as a result of an argument between Mel and Jack? Or is it someone’s idea of revenge? 

Jack is known to have enemies outside of the town, so this may be a stark message to him to keep out of the way. 

Hopefully nobody is injured in the fire, as both Jack and Mel are seen watching the flames from a distance. 

All will come to light when the series drops in its entirety on July 9. 

Virgin River season 3 will air on Netflix on July 9. 

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