Vera’s DI Aidan Healy star gives exciting update on new episodes ‘Making you more’

Vera’s DI Aidan Healy star gives exciting update on new episodes ‘Making you more’

Brenda Blethyn gives an update on upcoming series of Vera

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Vera fans have eagerly awaited more episodes after the latest series wrapped up earlier this year. Originally, series 11 was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, and production delays eventually meant just half of the ITV series could be aired last year, while the others continued in January. Kenny took to social media to tease fans over the next series as he promised the cast and crew were “making more”.

The actor posted in view of his 26,900 followers to update them on the popular show.

Earlier in the week, he wrote: “Happy Bank Holiday Weekend you lovely people!

“Alas, we are working making you more Vera & cracking more crime in the make belief world of tele so have tipple or two for us!”

Fans appreciated the post, with many replying to Kenny to express their excitement.

@Jakarandajim wrote: “Aaaaahhhhh, we appreciate your work Pet. More than you will ever know.”

@Rachels22391031 penned: “@kennydoughty Happy Bank Holiday to you too Kenny and [email protected] and the cast and crew. Can’t wait for more Vera,  sorry your working, hope your able to get a few hours to yourselfs xx.”

@lolalefern added: “Luv Vera one of my favourite shows and as a Geordie born and bread I think @BrendaBlethyn accent is spot on also addicted to @AnnCleeves Vera book devour every one more that once, caint wait for new series.”

“More Vera? This is excellent news!” Lucy McCaul added.

@isabelHARLEY4 commented: “Oh lovely to hear more Vera in the making .enjoy it and any down time you have.”

@AliceHe10491135 spoke for US fans when she replied: “Just a regular old weekend in the US. Enjoy your long weekend. Keep up the Vera show. I love it!”

Kenny has starred in the series since 2014 after he replaced Vera’s former sidekick Joe Ashworth (played by David Leon).

Fans were thrilled to learn Kenny and Vera would be cracking more cases in two specials this year.

Filming for series 12 has already begun as the cast and crew have been spotted filming in Newcastle.

Rumours have been circulating Brenda, 75, could be stepping down from her most recognisable role.

Thankfully for fans, she has dismissed such rumours. “I haven’t got any plans to [leave],” she revealed.

Speaking to Radio Times, she added: “At the moment, all the time I’m fit and able, I’ll be visiting Vera.”

She went on to talk about how much she “loves” playing the role.

“I love it, I just love it – I love the people up there, too,” she told the publication.

“There is a difference between the friendliness of the north and the south, I don’t care what anybody says.”

Vera is expected to return to ITV later this year.

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