Unforgotten’s Cassie Stuart replacement details ‘concern’ with series

Unforgotten’s Cassie Stuart replacement details ‘concern’ with series

Unforgotten: ITV release trailer for series four

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ITV announced last year that Sinéad Keenan would be replacing Nicola Walker as the lead in season five of Unforgotten after DCI Cassie Stuart’s tragic death. She will be starring alongside Sanjeev Bhasker, who stars as DI Sunil ‘Sunny’ Khan as she takes on the role of DCI Jessica James. 

Speaking to Express.co.uk and other press, Sinéad addressed whether she felt a “massive responsibility” taking over from Nicola. 

Sinéad explained: “That was one of my main concerns following in the footsteps of Nicola Walker. 

“But if you accept the part you go all in, you have to put that to one side and not think about it too much. 

“Luckily, the scripts are brilliant. Chris has written another brilliant story.”

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“And the lovely Sanjeev heading the team, there was nothing to worry about,” she added.

The first case Jess will take on involves the discovery of human remains in a newly renovated period property.

Jess and Sunny’s murder mystery leaves them questioning whether the case dates back to the 1930s or if the body was disposed of far more recently.

Opening up on her character’s first case, Sinéad teased that there will be tension between Jess and her colleagues. 

She continued: “From Jess’ point of view, she gets blindsided the morning of her first day and as a result she is not handling her first day the way she had planned or hoped.

“She’s fully aware this team have experienced the loss of a colleague and a friend for a lot of them so they are grieving. 

“She’s not just coming into a new team, she’s coming into a new team because they have lost someone so it’s a double whammy really. 

“And then she gets in there, finds out what she finds out in the morning, handles everything terribly and mismanages herself.”

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However, the actress revealed Unforgotten will quickly learn something about the new recruit that will explain a lot about her behaviour.

“The reason she got the job is she’s on top of her game,” Sinéad remarked.

“She has been fast tracked, she is very good at this.

“Unfortunately, we don’t see that initially. She’s going through her own [problems] and the genius of Chris’s writing is that the audience know why she’s being so awful before the team do so that helps a little bit.”

“But eventually, in order for them to do their job, they do need to be able to lay their cards on the table,” she said. 

“She eventually says, ‘Yes, I have been [awful] this is why.’”

Sinéad explains that Jess opens up to Sunny about her personal life and the pair move forward as a team as the series progresses.

Unforgotten returns to ITV.

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