Unanchored cast: Who’s who on new Bravo show?

Unanchored cast: Who’s who on new Bravo show?

Bravo’s new show, Unanchored, airs tonight and it’s a show that Vanderpump Rules fans may fall in love with. Created by the producers behind Vanderpump Rules, this show follows a group of friends as they spent three weeks in the Bahamas on a 56-foot catamaran. It’s a mix between Vanderpump Rules and Below Deck – so really, there’s something to entertain any Bravo fan.

These aren’t just random strangers. These are people who have dated, slept together, and friends who thought nothing could come between them. It’s a true test of all kinds of relationships. Here are the people on board the boat:

Barrett Young is a hardworking professional, working as a director of marketing in San Francisco. He has an adventurous side, and he enjoys his long-distance relationship with fellow Unanchored co-star, Danielle McNeil.

On this season of the show, Young will learn whether his relationship with Danielle is one that can stand the test of living together, as the two have not spent much time together in their relationship.

Chelsi Pugliese is a young professional, who works in medical sales. She’s proud of everything she’s accomplished and she would rather be a successful single woman than settle for someone who could ruin her confidence, her income, and her career.

On this season of Unanchored, Chelsi will see whether she should take some chances and bet everything on a new man she’s just met.

Danielle McNeil is a young New York doctor, who has found love with Barrett Young. While she has an apartment, a thriving career, and her family in New York, she’s heavily contemplating uprooting everything for love.

She’s been in a long distance relationship with Barrett, and she thinks the key to happiness is her relocating to San Francisco. But this season on Unanchored, Danielle will learn whether it’s worth the risk.

Evan Tauber is the oldest cast member of Unanchored and he’s clearly more experienced than the rest of the gang. He owns several nightclubs and restaurants in a college town, tucked away in West Virginia.

While he enjoys partying and having fun, Evan is also the first to be responsible when things get serious. Could this be the season where Evan learns it’s time to settle down and drop the partying?

Korey Warzala is a self-proclaimed bachelor who has an active and busy career in Silicon Valley. Working as a business developer, he’s striving to balance an active lifestyle with a successful and financially rewarding career.

He loves checking out new adventures but his weakness with cleanliness may take over on the boat. When he travels, he must shower three times a day!

Max Craddock is a former law student who failed the bar exam on his first try. If that wasn’t enough, Max isn’t exactly motivated to get back to studying, as he would much rather hang out with friends and surf.

Plus, Max has to deal with his love interest, Vanessa Cavanaugh, as the two have been dating on-and-off. In addition, Max is bringing his brother on the boat, which will surely cause some trouble.

Rachel McGowan is a kindergarten teacher and she appears to be eager to find love. Even though she’s coming on the yacht with her friends with someone back home, she seems eager to figure out whether Albie – a successful business owner – is the man for her.

While she packed up her life to move to Boston to be with him, he doesn’t appear to give her what she wants. But this summer could prove that he is willing to fight for her.

Vanessa Cavanaugh is an upscale hairstylist, who simply wants to explore life and figure out her relationship with Max. Vanessa is also dedicated to Florida, her home state.

She did move to San Francisco, possibly to be closer to Max, but realized that California simply isn’t her vibe. Vanessa manages to travel because of her well-paying job but also because she puts it as a priority in her life.

Jack Royds is the skipper who will be taking the guests around the Bahamas during the first season of Unanchored.

This British guy comes from a prestigious family with lots of money, but he was not interested in any of it. Jack ditched it all for a life on the ocean, working with guests as they stayed in exotic places.

While Jack wants the best for his clients, he also has a domineering attitude that could cause trouble for the guests.

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