Ulrika Jonsson, 53, flaunts her body in a yellow bikini after backlash for posing naked

Ulrika Jonsson, 53, flaunts her body in a yellow bikini after backlash for posing naked

ULRIKA Jonsson showed off her body in a yellow bikini after getting backlash for posing naked last month.

The presenter's follower lashed out over a saucy image of her totally naked and one ridiculously accused Ukrika of being "responsible if someone gets raped".

But Ulrika, 53, has again retaliated today with a stunning picture after hitting back at online trolls last month.

The star posed in her bedroom as she showed off her body but hid her face behind her phone.

She said: "Today is national bikini day. You're welcome."

Ulrika furiously hit back at a cruel troll who slammed her naked charity photoshoot in June.

She wore nothing except a pair of wellies as she posed holding her wheelbarrow.

It was all for a good cause – to support bereavement support charity StrongMen.

But despite promoting men's mental health, Ulrika got a vile message from one troll who said: "This has nothing to do with men mental health, this is just another attention seeking person who porn c**p and is responsible if someone gets raped.

"Men are NOT the only one that is guilty of young girls getting raped.

"These stars are just as much guilty because of their part in everything."

Sharing the message with her Instagram followers, Ulrika sarcastically replied: "That's absolutely right. I'm guilty of the rape of young girls because I've taken my clothes off for charity."

She was also forced to hit back when a fan commented on her weight, telling them: “I am a bit thin but trying to put weight on.”

Ulrika added: "I don’t have an eating disorder but I think the constant commenting on women’s size is unhelpful.

"I spend my life cooking, eating and feeding. I’m trying to put on weight just not nice to hear unhelpful comments but I see where you are coming from. Sending you lots of love."

In the past Ulrika has been very open about her weight struggles after dropping to just seven and a half stone while suffering from a degenerative disc disease.

The star lost her appetite completely back in 2011 while struggling with the pain, which led to depression. 

Now she's feeling body confident as she jumps at the chance to strip off for fans.

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